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How to make the backyard fun for kids

7th Oct '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Every parent wants their children to have a great childhood & upbringing. Every kid should have a fun backyard to play around in! Learn about how you can make your backyard fun for your kids through DIY and addition of new items

Parents and kids building a garden in the backyard

Outdoor play is a vital part of childhood, but it faces tough video game rivalry these days, unless you have a child-friendly backyard.  Your kids can have a yard that is not only fun, but also beneficial for their growth with the right setup. 

It is easy to build some of the DIY backyard ideas for children, while others are a little more time-consuming. You can build a space to play together for your kids or a space where they can relax.

What are the different things you can add in your backyard?

Sandbox for kids


Kids as young as 1 year old will enjoy digging their toes into their sandboxes in their own backyard. In reality, sand play can actually help in the development of children. They gain significant motor and muscle skills, as well as hand-eye coordination, by digging, filling, pouring and moving sand using scoops and buckets. Sandboxes are available online, but they are also a pretty simple idea for a DIY backyard playground. Your children will continue to enjoy the sandbox well past their baby days as long as you turn your sand out about once every year or two.

kids playing on the swings

Baby Swings

In particular, older toddlers enjoy repetitive movements like swinging or sliding, and will enjoy the joy of swinging a bucket-seat. Do not forget to hang the swing from a safe spot. When hanging from a tree or wooden porch, prior to setting up the swing, check the strength of the wood.

If you have a small backyard, you can easily install a removable swing set where kids can swing but also have space to play once it is removed. 

Playhouse for kids in the backyard


Children between 3 and 5 years of age discover, both in the abstract and in practise, how to create things. This is the age where kids start pretending to play and can create structures with blocks and other materials. This is the best time to get a playhouse.

A playhouse can be a great escape for kids to imagine their own mystical world. Interestingly, you can buy a ready made playhouse for about $500. If you have a few DIY skills up your sleeves, you can save a few $100’s by undertaking the project yourself. If you have the space and money, we recommend adding a small obstacle course to your playhouse.

You can let your kids build their own forthouse using soft foam building blocks.

outdoor kitchen for kids in the backyard

Backyard Kitchen 

Do you find yourself often having your kids in the kitchen at your feet? Put the kitchen outside by reusing (and making a reason for new) pots and pans as spring comes. All while enjoying the gorgeous outdoors and heat, let them make the best mud stew ever to be made. 

This is a perfect way to help them experiment and create the greatest "foods" available by combining solids and liquids. It's a perfect opportunity to help your children experience the natural world and non-household objects to make their mind sore. 

Chalkart on the sandbox

Outdoor Art

You can always make your backyards creative and fun for kids by introducing a little bit of art. The art they do inside can be encouraged outdoors. The best part about outdoor art is if you spill a bit of paint here and there, it’s not a big issue.

Sidewalk chalk is another activity enjoyed by kids in the backyards. Chalk can be used to make sidewalk drawings and play games like tic-tac-toe. Luckily, sidewalk chalk marks can be removed easily. Rain or a quick use of the hose can remove sidewalk chalk marks from wood structures, rocks, cement, fences and sidewalks! Keep in mind, if your kids are playing outside your property, always keep a watchful eye!

Boy camping with his dad in the backyard

Build a Campsite

A childhood staple is camping. But if your kids aren't old enough for the real outdoor camping in the wilderness, a backyard campground is the best place to explore.find a soft, level spot for your tent in the yard. Then, make sure that the soil is free of roots and rocks and that it is well-drained. Finally, set your tent up, or make your own backyard teepee for a more permanent shelter. 

Additional points if you install a fire site or a BBQ to roast marshmallows! 

Kids playing in the garden


Last but certainly not least, you can give your child a small vegetable garden to take care of. There is so much learning and magic in growing your first vegetable garden.

We suggest growing nectar bearing trees or install a bird bath to encourage wildlife, like birds and butterflies into your garden.

No matter what backyard play area concepts you have in mind, keep safety a priority at all times. You can always hire a local gardener or carpenter to help with your backyard project if you are unsure about how you will go about building one. offers free no obligation quotes from our local trusted professionals to help with all your building needs. 

While it takes time, preparation and a little elbow grease to create a kid-friendly backyard play area, the memories your children will create there will make it worthwhile for years to come.

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