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10 fresh dining table design ideas

28th Feb '17 • By

From Sunday brunches to birthday parties to game nights, life happens around the dining table in more ways than one.

10 fresh dining table design ideas

Your dining table is the perfect gathering spot where friends and family come together and share a meal and the day's events. Considering we spend so much time in this area of our home, it’s time now to reconsider and redesign where we eat, especially when undergoing a kitchen renovation.
From size and shape to type of material, there are various types of dining table designs to choose from. Here are our favourite picks of 10 fresh dining table design ideas to make meal times even more fun.


1. Compartment Dining Tables

How about a multifunctional table that has a secret storage space? Don’t you agree that such tables with drawers or pull outs could be both practical and versatile? It is a space-saving solution to store everything you might need during dining that will also allow you to keep the room organised and clutter-free.

You can pull out the drawers and compartments and fill them with cutlery, crockery, napkins, and even common spices and seasonings. Whenever you or a guest needs something, no need to go all the way to the kitchen to get it. Just pull out the compartment and there you have it! This is a must have kitchen design feature.


2. Wooden table with benches

A colonial element that is in trend now, the wooden table with bench is not just an alternative to conventional dining room seating, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your dining space. Wood, being a naturally beautiful material, gives off a warm and organic feel.

Pairing your dining table with a wooden bench can bring a wholesome feel to your dining room and raise the aesthetic appeal of that space.  Benches not only maximize seating space but also makes a bold statement in the dining room. Break the monotony of conventional seating areas by ditching your regular chairs. You can use benches on all sides or if you think kitchen benches and chairs go well together, you can use chairs at the heads of the table or on one side of the table. Style it with soft padded seats to make the benches more comfortable.


3. Antique dining table


If you’re extremely lucky, you may have a Victorian dining table handed down through the family for generations. Flaunt it with pride. Victorian era inspired dining table sets are sure to make you feel like a royal and definitely make your guests feel special. Choose whichever style you prefer and travel back in time with your decor choice. You can also renovate your kitchen to match the classic style.


4. Pool table / dining table


How about a table that does business with the cover on, but transforms into a pool table when the cover is removed? A playful and innovative table concept, this play and dine option merges two of your favourite tables into one! You can enjoy a game of pool on the table which comes with specially designed pockets that collects the balls. And no one ever knows it until the cover is pulled out. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s a trend most bachelors would definitely be a fan of.


5. Traditional japanese dining table


Looking to Zen out your home with a traditional Japanese dining table? If you think a Japanese dining table could suit your home, there are a wide range of wood colours, shapes and designs to choose from. 

Elegant and functional, these tables are usually lower and closer to the ground. People either sit around it on traditional Tatami mats, pillows or floor cushions, or extremely low, ground-levelled chairs that have a back and cushion, but no legs. Traditional Japanese dining tables give you a sense of the beauty of Japanese living and it is also a great way to make your eating place unique and beautiful.


6. Table with sofa seating


Bored with the conventional dining chairs? How about pulling your sofa up to the dining table. Anchor the dining room with a table with sofa seating, perfect for weekday meals and family gatherings alike. Pair your table with a soft, cushioned sofa on one side or both and make eating more comfortable.

Sofas provide a pleasant spot to linger on, making them the most coveted seat in the dining room.


7. Oval table


Can’t decide between a rectangular or round table? Then go for an oval one instead. Combining the simplicity of the rectangular shape and the comfort of the round one, an oval table brings home the best of both worlds.

Though not that commonly used, oval tables are easy on the eye, be it in a small or a large open space, and are a perfect way to create a cohesive space between your kitchen and dining room.


8. Table with L-shaped seater


Pick a corner and place your dining table there with an L-shaped seater to maximize seating and storage in a tight space. It’s a beautiful space-saving way for setting up the dining area and can also fit the whole family comfortably.

Table with L- shaped seaters are ideal for small settings and fits snugly into smaller spaces including any corner.


9. Mix and match dining table chairs


Incorporate dining chairs that complement each other rather than match the dining table! It sounds challenging but the trick is to find a common element. Find a relatable component that binds the chairs together – colour, shape, style, height, or material. For example, your chairs could be of the same colour or upholstery but different style, or the same style but different colour, or same material but different style, or different altogether! Let those creative juices flow and mix and match to your heart’s content.


10. Outdoor dining table


Ready to enjoy an outdoor meal and lounge in the fresh air! Take advantage of your outdoor space and place your dining table outside in the open. What’s better than dining and entertaining your friends and family in the warm sun or cool breeze? It’s a great way to feel fresh and closer to nature.


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