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7 ways to transform your rental bathroom on a budget

1st Apr '19 • By

Many people believe that they can’t do much when it comes to redesigning a rental bathroom, due to the restrictions of not owning the property. Most of us have experienced the general frustration of being unable to make even minor changes - just putting hooks in the walls is usually a no-go!

Transform your rental bathroom on a budget

You’re probably wondering how you can make a considerable difference with little freedom to make changes to your home. There are many ways in which you can transform your rental bathroom on a small budget and without undergoing major bathroom renovations. We’re here to offer you a few creative ways to bring life to your bathroom while renting!


Add mirrors for a brighter space


Mirrors are great for making small and dark bathrooms appear bigger and brighter. If you’re not sure if you’re allowed to drill a nail into the wall or stick on heavy duty adhesive hooks, opt for mirrors on a stand instead - these are also a fantastic idea as they can be easily moved at any time when rearranging the space. Try to place the mirror adjacent to a window to fully take advantage of dispersing the natural light. This is just one of many ways to make your bathroom look bigger.


Fresh paint for your bathroom walls


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. Before you go ahead and hire a qualified painter to paint your walls, do seek permission from your landlord. We recommend colours that complement the current bathroom design. It might not be your ideal colour palette but working with what you have can produce some creative designs. If you’re not sure of a colour scheme, neutral shades are an awesome trend, or white is always a safe option. If you need some more paint colour inspiration, check out Australia's 11 most popular interior paint colours.


Bathroom cleaning


Scrubbing tiles, and cleaning windows and mirror frames until they shine does wonders for your bathroom. It may be worth getting quotes from professional cleaners if there is significant grime buildup to really get your bathroom squeaky clean! Having a tiler fill in grout lines will also help make your bathroom look new again and help make your bathroom appear bigger. Again, make sure you seek approval before you make any permanent changes.


Add indoor plants


Create a more natural look to your rental bathroom by adding small flowerpots. Place them on the bathroom window, the corner of the bathtub or on the countertop. You could even add hanging plants from the ceiling if there are already hooks in place or you’re approved to install them. This will transform your bathroom, while offering a natural floral scent. There are many species of plants that thrive indoors.


Decorate your bathroom countertop


This is the place where you keep most of your necessary morning items, and where you probably spend the first hour of your day before heading to work. Make the most of your countertop by adding items and a flair to its design. Flowerpots, scented candles, and small sculptural items, all can help improve your countertop.


Coordinated towels


No bathroom is complete without towels. While obviously useful after taking a shower or washing your hands, they can also transform your rental bathroom if you choose the right ones. Place white towels strategically if the bathroom tiles have a shade of black. Or use bright, multi-colour ones if the bathroom tiles are light. Ensuring that your bathroom linen all matches will make an incredible difference to the appearance of the space. It’s just one of the important details that make a great bathroom. From tacky and mismatched, to coordinated and organised, this is an easy update that makes a significant impact.


Bathroom floor coverings


If you’re unlucky enough to have a hideous floor in your bathroom, perhaps the same type of tiles you remember in your grandparents’ bathroom as a kid, don’t fear! Just because you can’t replace the flooring in your rental bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be hidden. One easy and more affordable option is to include a large rug or mat to hide most of the floor. You can select one which complements the current colour scheme, perfectly tying the room together. Another option, which can be more expensive but very effective, is to lay a sheet of vinyl flooring to completely cover the current design. This is an ingenious way to quickly make your bathroom luxurious, with many attractive designs available.


Try including these easy changes into your next rental bathroom update to reap the benefits of a fresh, bright and more attractive space!

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