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Smart bathroom trends in 2024

15th Feb '24 • By

In recent years, home innovations have begun to change our everyday experiences. They're designed to make our daily life easier and improve how we move through our routine. In fact, even bathrooms are being dominated by advanced technology to promote functionality.

Smart bathrooms offer more hygienic spaces and streamlined systems that enhance our personal time. They add luxury, convenience, and comfort to our daily shower and grooming experience. Whether in hotels or households, smart bathrooms are taking the spotlight. 

Indeed, smart bathrooms will keep moving forward in the coming years. They intend to be easy to use and fast to become familiar with. Not only are they durable, but smart bathrooms are also cost-efficient and sustainable over time. 

Here are some of the innovative bathroom trends that have been improving our lifestyles in the modern world.

Article Summary

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Automatic showers, bidets, and toilets
  3. Automatic dispensers
  4. Ambient lights

modern bathroom with timber vanity and twin sinks

1. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is one of the best smart bathroom trends that makes the bathroom experience more relaxing and energy-efficient at the same time. Unlike radiators, it requires little amount of heat to effectively heat the room.

Another positive with underfloor heating is that you have complete control of the temperature. You can operate it on your own, and it requires little maintenance to last for years. You can keep your bathroom warm, and the heat is equally distributed in the whole area. It also works for almost all kinds of floor coverings, such as wood, laminate, tiles, vinyl, and even carpet.

Underfloor heating is mainly installed beneath tiles, as they are one of the most common floor coverings. If you want to efficiently remove your tiles to install underfloor heating and replace them again, a tiler can help you. Tiles are the best cover for underfloor heating because they’re robust and resistant against daily wear and tear. You can ask for tiler quotes from local tilers in your area and then compare them based on budget, experience, duration to complete the project, etc. How much does a tiler cost? The price depends on the complexity of the job, but tilers normally charge $45 to $100 an hour. 

modern grey bathroom with plants and timber features

2. Automatic Showers, Bidets, and Toilets

Automatic showers and bidets are another type of smart bathroom innovation, and they continue to gain traction. There are many variations of automatic showers to adjust to the temperature you prefer. Some also have voice recognition technology where you can select on, off, and the intensity of the flow of water. Some showers may have no buttons, and only a remote.

There are also automatic bidets that follow voice commands. You can just say on and off or choose your desired intensity of water flow. Another variation is the one with a visual sensor which will see when it's time to wash. Many toilets now feature a motion sensor where you just need to do a hand command to flush. With others, you just need to stand in front of the sensor and the toilet will automatically flush. Automatic bidets and toilets save time and effort without sacrificing efficiency and functionality.

hand washing under automatic sensor tap

3. Automatic Dispensers

If you get frustrated squeezing liquid body and hand soaps, tubes of toothpaste, and hair products, automatic dispensers are for you. Automatic dispensers have motion sensors wherein you just need to put your hands at the opening of the dispenser, and the contents will automatically come out. It’s ideal for reducing mess, and saving time and effort.

grey bathroom with black basins and led circle lights

4. Ambient Lights

Ambient lights complete the overall innovative experience in a smart bathroom. Ambient lights adjust to the natural lighting in your bathroom each time you open it, so you get just enough light whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Ambient lights range from light to yellowish-orange, which also contributes to setting the mood in your bathroom. You can put ambient light anywhere in your bathroom, such as in the bathtub area, the toilet and shower, and even the powder area near the mirror. Ambient lights can automatically adjust to the current lighting of your bathroom, or you can automatically set the lights according to your mood. Hence, it gives you relaxation and satisfaction anytime you want.

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