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5 ways to turn your house into a smart home

5th Jul '17 • By Chris Blackburn

You might have thought smart homes were a concept of the future, however there are a few intuitive technologies that are available now. Get ahead of the bandwagon with these 5 smart home ideas.

Smart Homes
1. Smart lights

One of the easiest starting point to make your home smarter is the use of smart lights. With this technology, you’ll be able to control the lighting of your house with just a few taps on your smart device. But that’s not even the best part! These lights have sensors that control the lighting based on a number of factors such as daylight and occupancy. The lights dim and make use of the sunlight during the day and turn off when no one is around. Highly efficient and energy saving, these smart lights are a must have for any smart home.

Smart Lighting

2. Voice assistants

We’re all use to telling Siri and Google Assistant what to do on our phones, tablets and laptops. What if you were told that you could give such commands to your house and it would carry them out? Your own voice assistant. Like Jarvis in Iron Man. Tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon have created voice assistants, Google home, Apple Home, and Alexa, accordingly, that help you communicate with your home. They recognize your voice and commands and are capable of carrying out tasks such as controlling the lights, the temperature, the locks, or even shutting the drapes. Pretty cool? YES!

Smart Voice Assistants

3. Wireless speakers

Now this is something made for the sole purpose of fun. Perfect for all the music buffs out there, these wireless speakers set up quickly and enable the entire house to enjoy music. They are connected through Wi-Fi and can be controlled through a smart device like your mobile phone. They enable different songs to be played in different rooms at the same time or the same one so that everyone can enjoy.

Smart Speakers

4. Battery packs

Tesla have engineered power banks, called Tesla power wall, that provide backup power during periods of utility outages and natural disasters, for instance. These battery packs have the ability to power your home for up to 8 hours. Also, they can be seamlessly integrated with solar panels and can conserve solar energy to be used later.

5. Robot vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners have intelligent programming and are as smart as smart appliances get. They have inbuilt cameras and sensors that work around cleaning the house. They can also be controlled via remote, from the comfort of your bed or sofa. They also come with a number of accessories such as brushes and a virtual wall, that prevent the cleaner from cleaning particular areas. 

Robot Vacuum

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