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9 ways to reduce your energy bills

1st Aug '19 • By Emily Ayers

With a few simple, yet effective changes you can immediately start to save on your energy expenditure. Energy bills are one of the most expensive utility costs a homeowner has to pay. There are a number of practical measures you can take at home to reduce your energy costs and thereby keep your monthly outgoings to a minimum.

Investments in having a qualified electrician install energy reducing technology will irrefutably pay for itself over time. The money saved can be used for other expenses around the home.


1. Add more insulation

Insulation is extremely cheap to buy and install, whilst also being one of the best ways to save on your energy bill. Insulation keeps your home warm in cold months and cool in Summer, by making it more difficult for heat to transfer through your walls and roofing. Investing in insulation can pay for itself in a couple of years and the benefits will be felt for many years to come. This is arguably one of the easiest ways to reduce your utilities expenditure.


2. Switch to storage heating

Storage heating systems can help reduce the costs of your heating bills by drawing energy during the night (during off-peak) for use during the day. This means you are using energy whilst you sleep at a lower unit cost, rather than using premium price energy during peak-hours in the daytime. 


3. Upgrade your windows

Windows and doors are among the biggest offenders when it comes to leaking heat and adding unnecessary costs to your energy bills. We recommend upgrading your windows to modern models with higher energy efficiency ratings. Like insulation, this one-time upgrade will provide benefits for years and decades to come, and is the perfect example of how window finishings can save you money.

4. Switch off appliances

You would be surprised as how much energy an appliance uses when not in use; ensure you switch them off at the powerpoint. TVs continue to chew up power even in standby mode. Although standard TVs don’t use an excessive amount, hi-def ones can use up to 20 times more.

5. Look at solar panels

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your power costs in the long run. Although the initial investment is quite high, there are state rebates available at certain times. In this way, if it is installed with a gas booster, your hot water will be heated during the day by the sun. However, if it is wet or cloudy, the gas booster will take over.

6. Washing clothes

Changing the way you wash your clothes can significantly reduce your power bill! Ensure you wash only full loads and use cold water instead of hot. These two options alone can save up to $50 a year on your electricity costs.

Unless the weather is wet and cold, let your clothes dry outside on the line. A dryer is often used out of laziness, because of its close proximity to the washing machine. Even if it is raining outside, try using an indoor rack instead of reaching for the dryer.

7. Take simple measures

This option can make a real difference; just simple things like putting on more clothes rather than using the heater, and using a hot water bottle rather than an electric blanket can do wonders in reducing your power bills.

8. Compare energy suppliers

With the price of electricity being so expensive today, you don’t have to put up with your current supplier. All providers understand how tough it has become on households and are prepared to make deals. Smoothing plans are becoming popular, where based on your average consumption; they allow you to pay a set amount each week. This helps avoid that quarterly bill shock.

9. Use natural light

Rather than turning on the lights in the morning, open your blinds and curtains and use natural light from the sun. 

By implementing most of the options above, the savings on your electricity bill will be significant. Many of the options mentioned are not impossible or indeed difficult to follow. Be mindful or vigilant in your desire to save money; too many of our population today live week to week and have no idea how they will pay that energy bill every three months.

The reality today is that a high proportion of the population has no savings. By following the options above, it’s a start towards being able to put some money back in your pocket for “that rainy day!”

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