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Eco-friendly home hacks

11th Sep '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Creating an eco-friendly home has several advantages from loving the Earth to increasing the value of your home and saving big. We have some eco-friendly home hacks to make green living easy.

eco friendly home hacks

The dryer hack


It’s always most energy conserving to let your clothing dry out naturally, but if you must use your dryer, throw in a clean dry towel with every load to save a lot of energy. 

The chip clip hack 


Instead of buying plastic laundry clips, choose wooden clips that double as chip chips for those half-eaten bags (if you don’t have that willpower, disregard this). Or, do a quick DIY project and cut the ends off those plastic hangers you get from clothing stores to seal your chip bag shut. 

The phone hack


Put your phone on airplane mode to charge it faster and conserve more energy. It also gives you a great excuse for not texting back. Sorry I didn’t respond - I was busy conserving energy. 

The herb hack 


The benefits of growing your own fruits and veggies consist of saving money and living greener. Herbs are extremely easy to grow right on your kitchen counter. 

The diet hack


Reduce the amount of meat you eat to reduce your environmental footprint. Switch to veggie versions of the traditional meat dishes like veggie burgers or veggie sausages. We’re not saying go completely vegan or vegetarian (unless you want to), just become a ‘reducetarian.’ 

The printer hack


Throw it in the trash (or an e-recycling facility). Go paperless by forcing yourself into the habit of storing and completing all work online. 

The tea hack 


Don’t do the usual and fill your kettle completely up only to dump out most of it the next day. Only boil the water you need by using the notches on the side or filling up a cup or two to pour into the kettle so you’re getting an exact amount for tea. 

The cleaning hack


Instead of using harsh chemicals, create a homemade cleaning solution that is organic and toxin-free. Improved health and more sustainable living are just one of the many reasons why you should choose natural cleaning products

Use our clever home hacks to live more eco-friendly this spring! 

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