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Creative alternatives to plastic bags

4th Jul '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Are you prepared for the new plastic bag ban? We have several creative alternatives to plastic bags that will have you feeling more prepared.

alternatives to plastic bags

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Australia has been making waves on international news lately. Plastic bags have now been banned at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Big W nationwide. The ban on plastic bags will create a safer environment for marine life and create more eco-friendly consumers. 

Whether you believe it is a wild scheme to impoverish us all or a massive step forward for Aussies, we have some creative alternatives for you.

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Opt for a market-style basket 


Market baskets are a stylish choice to bring with you to the shops. You are able to get them in big enough sizes to get away with bringing 2 or 3 with you for the average weekly shop. 

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Easy home decor 


Market baskets double as beautiful home decor pieces and will look stylish simply lying around the home. These baskets tend to give off a rustic indie vibe and are perfect for the eco friendly homeowner. Plants also look very chic when placed into this style of basket.

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The easy-carry basket backpack


This is the perfect option for you if you commute by foot or bike a lot of the time. The basket backpack holds all your delicious goods and doubles as a stylish backpack. This backpack is a perfect choice for picnics and hikes as well. 

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Cloth 100% organic reusable bag 


Choose an organic reusable bag in the style of your choosing. Many shops and online organic product stores sell cloth reusable bags in many different styles and colours. Instead of always opting for the easy typical reusable bags you find at the grocery store, purchase organic bags online that you actually like! 

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Stop throwing away your veggies 


Quit wasting your veggies and invest in reusable produce bags to keep your produce fresh. Reusable produce bags keep your veggies fresh for longer and are completely eco friendly and washable.

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If you want to be even more sustainable and independent, try incorporating a windowsill veggie garden and herbal garden to bring more life into your kitchen. There are many benefits to growing your own veggies including nutrition, creating a more inviting home environment and saving money. 


Keep extra cloth bags in your car 


It is all too easy to forget to bring your reusable bags with you to the shops and end up buying way more than you truly need to. Conquer this battle by making sure to always keep extra bags in your vehicle. That way when you forget, you will have some back ups! Another way to stay on top of this is to get into the habit of placing the reusable bags back in your vehicle as soon as you’re done unloading your groceries and putting them away.  

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Take advantage of the opportunity


If you have a business that you run, take advantage of this opportunity to market your business by having your logo designed onto reusable bags. You can gift your customers with your custom reusable bag and create more brand awareness for your business combined with giving away a functional product. 

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Love the environment


The elimination of plastic bags means you are just taking one step forward on the path to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Living more sustainably has heaps of benefits including reduced bills, self-sufficiency, reduced stress, a more valuable property, and a more minimalist life. By refusing to destroy more sea life and live in a way that is greener, we are living in a way that is more peaceful with our surroundings. Why be wasteful when you can be sustainable?

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