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6 easy ways to transform the front of your home

7th Jun '19 • By

The first thing that your guests or potential buyers notice is the front of your home. From how your lawn is mowed to how your entrance is decorated, the front of your home can leave a great first impression or make your home look run down.

transform front of home

Here are a few simple tricks to enhance your home’s image, which will help increase the value of your real estate and make it appear more attractive and inviting to everyone who visits!


1. Garden maintenance

Regular garden maintenance, like lawn mowing and weeding, not only leaves an image of tidiness, but as every real-estate expert will tell you, it’s one of the gardening tips that will increase your property's value. Therefore, get that lawnmower out of the garage, dust it off and start tidying up your landscape and garden. We guarantee that this will present a long lasting impression to anyone who drops by your home. An experienced Gardener can give you an idea of what’s required to get your garden looking its best.


2. Fresh painting

Hiring a professional painter to add a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the outside of your home. Like giving the lawn a mow, this is one of those simple cosmetic tricks to make your house more appealing to visitors. Light exterior paint colours are always very popular and can make your home look lighter and more welcoming. It also can give your house some personality and gives your home longevity, as it acts like a defence against the weather and insects.


3. Decorate the front door

Choosing a suitable colour which also matches your home’s design can do wonders. Consider the seasons; for example if Christmas is just around the corner, you can also finish your door with a beautiful wreath to celebrate the festive season. Also look at adding some kind of welcome mat, which not only looks great but is functional. You can also create some symmetry by placing planter boxes or using hanging basket plants either side of the door. Unlike the old saying, people will “judge a book by its cover” here.


4. Bring nature to your front landscape

Planting trees, bushes and shrubs will enhance your home’s frontal design, making it more appealing and also adding curb appeal. Make sure you have a clear plan, and don’t just “throw” bushes and trees around your front yard. A Landscaper can design the perfect solution for your unique needs. Also, don’t forget that the seasons change, so you should take the local climate into account when making changes. 


Whilst trees might be there for a long time, there are other ways to bring nature to the front of your home. Place pots with colourful flowers, shrubs and succulents in strategic positions. Unlike trees and bushes, some small flower pots can be moved around the front yard and along the front sidewalk. If you get bored or simply want to make a small change, you can place them in another part of your home. This opens up your levels of imagination and experimentation. This is also a great option if you’re renting and want the option to take your plants with you.


5. Update your garden pathway

Although flowerpots and ornaments may be great ways to embellish or improve the look of your home, you without a doubt also need an impressive walkway. A pathway leads your guests into your home and is the prelude to your entrance way and the home itself. By tweaking its design, you are guaranteed to improve your home’s overall appearance. Be sure to choose materials that match your landscape and your house’s exterior, and check out some inspiring garden path ideas for inspiration.


6. Install garden lighting

The work you’ve put into decorating the front of your home should not go unnoticed at night. Garden lights that decorate your garden beds and lead up your front pathway will bring your landscape to life. With proper placement, lighting will create shadows that will highlight the areas of the garden that you are most proud of. You can also use it define architectural structures like a water feature and garden trellis. If you have a big area, then consider solar lights of some kind. Not only is there a wide range available today, but is also a great alternative to trying to hide unsightly power cables. Getting some advice from a qualified electrician is a great place to start!


The front of your home is really “the face” of your property. It defines how much curb appeal you have, which is a vital component to getting the right price when the time comes to sell. It can be the difference between getting those potential buyers through the front door or simply driving off.

The six suggestions listed above are by no means all you can do; however, if you do concentrate on them, then the overall finish you will present will be first class. It will be not only attractive to those who wander up to your house but also those who drive or walk by.

Get started with some advice from a professional Landscaper.

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