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5 gardening tips to increase property value

16th May '19 • By

Are you looking to redo your garden to sell? Then you should note that a well-designed and cared for garden will increase your property value drastically. Let me state at the outset however, that you don’t really need to have a “green thumb” or be an experienced gardener to improve your home’s appearance and value. Keep it simple and functional, as prospective buyers can find meticulous gardens a turn off.

gardening tips to increase property value

Real-estate professionals believe that a garden makeover increases your property's value by 5-15%. Besides design, garden features are an important element when re-evaluating property value. So, if you want your home to not only look better but add value to it, then these tips will come in handy. 


1. Mow your lawn


You want to know how you can tell the difference between a rented home and one that is owned? Check the lawn; invariably the rental won’t be as well maintained.

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you live in or the average property value in your area, mowed lawns will always suggest to a potential buyer that you take care of your home and that you are a serious seller. Cut lawn always set expectations for the rest of your home.

If it’s patchy and not very inviting, then look at laying new turf. Otherwise, keep it mowed and ideally, edged. This is important, as edging makes it look easy to manage, which is a great selling point. Don’t forget to mulch the lawn clippings as they will add nutrients back into the soil. If you don’t have time to mow your own lawn, get quotes for professional lawn mowing instead.


2. Plant trees, shrubs and bushes but limit your choices


Planting trees, shrubs, bushes and plants, represents a long-term investment for your property. Planting a small tree today means that you are going to have a big, beautiful tree in the next few years. Many real estate experts suggest that homes with trees on their curbs can cost up to 15% more than houses without any. It can offer shade, become a haven for bird life and maybe a spot to set up a swing for the littlies. Shrubs and bushes add value to your property when it comes to making a great first impression and making the front of your home look its best.

Don’t over complicate or make your garden beds too intricate. Keep your choices simple, functional and small in number. This gives the buyer the idea that maintaining the garden will be easier and therefore a more attractive option. Consistently pruning your shrubs and bushes, shows the prospective buyer/s that you have a high level of pride and care. These are the kinds of thoughts you want them to have when they walk through the front door.


3. Keep it seasonal


Mowing your lawn, planting trees, shrubs and bushes are key elements for making a great first impression. However, don’t forget that seasons change and your home may be on the market during Winter or Autumn. Our advice is to have a garden with plants and shrubs designed for each season. However, if that is too difficult, then look for plants and flowers that are annuals like petunias, that flower for long periods. Also look at perennials like tulips that live longer than two years.


4. Install a shed


Having a shed can be a positive when selling a house. Surprisingly, a shed is a garden feature and can add value. However, if possible, make sure it is of a decent size that can store quite a few things. Add some shelves, which will increase storage. It is the ideal place to pursue hobbies and if spacious enough, a workshop.


5. Have a strategy when designing your garden


Think about the garden as an extension of your home. While you might not live in your garden, it still tells a lot about you and your home. When a potential buyer visits your home, their first impression will be influenced by the whole garden. Again, keep your garden’s symmetry fairly simple. Complicated flower and plant arrangements, means more work for the buyer.

What you choose to plant really does count; the choice and placement, colour contrast, or variety of plants is what gives buyers first impressions. Your home’s value can increase or decrease with each choice you make. Don’t forget that. 


If you do decide to redo your garden we always suggest that you get multiple quotes from local gardeners. Don’t be afraid to jump on social media, as this is often a great way to find the tradie that does great work at reasonable rates. Check out their portfolio and a gallery of past work, as well as their customer testimonials to ensure you select the best business for the job.

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