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Choosing the right paint colour

8th Feb '24 • By Jacob Banks

Choosing the right paint colour is the result of several questions only you can answer. It starts from the most basic of questions such as whether the paint job is for the interior or exterior of your home; all the way down to whether you want to keep the colour for the long or short-term.

Paint swatches

Just like buying a car, every consideration can result in a variety of choices by the end. Here we will focus on the four major considerations when it comes time to breathe new life into the walls that define your living space.

Article Summary

  1. Personal Character
  2. Room Function
  3. Seasonal Considerations
  4. Lighting Dynamics

1. Personal Character

Selecting the perfect paint colour for your living space begins with understanding the room's role and, more importantly, your personal character. Recognise that each room serves a unique function, and the colours you choose should reflect the essence of your personality and daily experiences. Your living space is an extension of yourself, influencing your feelings and actions, which is why paint colour affects your mood.

Whether it's a calming blue for peaceful mornings or vibrant hues for an energetic atmosphere, the right paint colour can shape your daily destiny. Consider places that draw you in naturally and analyse the colours in those spaces; emulate this in your home to create an environment that resonates with your character.

Study room

2. Room Function

Once you've identified the colours that align with your personality, delve into the purpose of each room. Different spaces serve distinct functions, and your colour choices should enhance the intended atmosphere. The study may inspire creativity, the bedroom should radiate peace, and the children's room can exude vibrancy. Each room has a unique purpose, and your colour palette should support these individual roles. Tailor themes and energies to each space, fostering an environment that complements its function and caters to the needs of its occupants.

Winter room

3. Seasonal Considerations

Beyond personal taste and room function, consider the influence of seasonal changes on your colour choices. The time of year can impact the ambience of your home. In colder months, intensify colour schemes to add warmth, transforming greens to deeper shades or blues to richer tones.

Winter calls for cosy, inviting colours. As spring brings light and warmth, incorporate lighter and cooler shades, with yellow-orange accents. Autumn invites softer tones to create a harmonious transition — check out our autumn home colour guide for inspiration. Aligning your colour choices with the seasons ensures your home resonates with the external environment, promoting balance and harmony.

Summer room

4. Lighting Dynamics

An additional factor influencing paint colour decisions is the play of light in your living space. Natural and artificial lighting can significantly alter the perceived colour. Consider the orientation of windows, the intensity of light, and the overall ambience you wish to achieve.

Experiment with samples in different lighting conditions to ensure your chosen colour maintains its desired effect throughout the day. This dynamic approach to colour selection ensures that your space remains visually appealing and harmonious regardless of the lighting conditions.

Paint swatches

Choosing colours for your home extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's a dynamic interplay of personal expression, room functionality, seasonal adaptation, and the nuances of lighting. By harmonising these elements, you create a living space that not only pleases the eye but also aligns with your character and the ever-changing rhythms of the seasons.

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