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Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

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How to update your bathroom on the cheap by resurfacing

Your bathroom is arguably one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, which is why it’s also an area that can quickly become the most worn. Not to mention, the colours, materials and accessories chosen can quickly become outdated. A complete bathroom renovation is often an expensive and time consuming job, but there’s an easy way to update your bathroom affordably. The solution is bathroom resurfacing!
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7 ways to transform your rental bathroom on a budget

Many people believe that they can’t do much when it comes to redesigning a rental bathroom, due to the restrictions of not owning the property. Most of us have experienced the general frustration of being unable to make even minor changes - just putting hooks in the walls is usually a no-go!
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5 important details that make a great bathroom

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, there are subtle details that you shouldn’t miss to design a great bathroom. We’ve outlined a few small important details that usually get forgotten in a bathroom renovation plan, but can do wonders for the overall design of your bathroom.
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7 tips for renovating your bathroom

It’s no secret that a bathroom renovation is one of the most effective options for home improvement. Before you go ahead and renovate your bathroom, there are a few important tips you should consider first.
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How to choose a bathroom renovator

If you’re renovating your bathroom and you’ve decided to manage your bathroom renovation yourself instead of hiring a project manager or builder to oversee the renovation, the process of selecting the right tradespeople can be daunting if you have limited experience or understanding of all the requirements for the work.
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How long does a bathroom renovation take?

If you’re about to rip out and renovate your bathroom, one of the major questions you will be sure to have is “How long does it take to install a new bathroom?”, and the answer to this will depend on a number of factors. Not only will the size of your bathroom determine the scale of the work to be completed, but also if plumbing or electrical outlets need to be moved or other structural changes need to be made.
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What does a bathroom renovation involve?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to give your bathroom a makeover, you may be wondering what the order of trades are for a bathroom renovation, and what to do first when renovating a bathroom. Doing the bathroom remodel in stages and understanding the schedule of works will help you get a better idea of what a bathroom renovation can involve and will help you achieve the bathroom face lift of your dreams!
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Which tradies do I need for my bathroom renovation?

When preparing for a bathroom renovation, you may be wondering which tradespeople you need to help you complete your remodel. There are a number of trades that you will need to renovate your bathroom, as each of these types of workers are specialists in their respective fields which ensures that your bathroom renovation is completed with attention to detail and to a high standard.
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4 DIY storage ideas for your bathroom

For many bathrooms, storage can be rather limited, making a small bathroom feel cluttered or claustrophobic when trying to find a spot for all your bathroom products and tools. Improving the storage possibilities in your bathroom is not only the best way to make a bathroom feel bigger, but can also help you get ready faster in the morning! Here are some ingenious do-it-yourself ways to increase your storage capacity at an affordable price.
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6 rustic bathroom ideas

If a sleek, modern bathroom is not your style, the comforting and charming appeal of the rustic home design may be right up your alley! A rustic bathroom is intended to provide a sense of character that other popular bathroom styles just can’t match, combining texture, classic colours and materials to create your perfect “Home, Sweet Home”. Here are our top 5 rustic bathroom ideas and our tips to creating a simple rustic bathroom.