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5 diy storage ideas for a small bathroom

4th Mar '24 • By

For many bathrooms, storage can be rather limited, making a small bathroom feel cluttered or claustrophobic when trying to find a spot for all your bathroom products and tools.

Improving the storage possibilities in your bathroom is not only the best way to make a bathroom feel bigger, but can also help you get ready faster in the morning. Here are some ingenious do-it-yourself ways to increase your storage capacity at an affordable price.

Article Summary

  1. Improving Your Towel Storage
  2. Keeping Your Shower Products Under Control
  3. Beneath the Sink
  4. Taking Advantage of Your Bathroom Walls
  5. Hidden Mirror Storage

DIY bathroom storage ideas

1. Improving Your Towel Storage

When not organised properly, towels can become a messy, space-consuming feature of your bathroom. Whether you have more towels than towel racks, or you just want some brilliant new bathroom storage ideas, there are several options for finding the perfect spot for your towels.

Wine lovers rejoice - not only are wine racks the perfect place to store your favourite beverage, they also make fantastic towel holders. Creating a wine holder is also a practical and thoughtful DIY gift for Mum.


If you’re into the vintage or rustic look, stick with this decorating style by attaching vintage door knobs either directly onto the wall or onto a wooden panel to mount to the wall to hang your towels. This is one of the best bathroom storage solutions for homeowners who don’t like the appearance of towels draped over a rack, with the benefit of being one of the best rustic bathroom ideas.

If you have a small bathroom with limited wall space, you can instead attach hooks or towel racks on the back of your door, which will also be conveniently hidden out of sight when the bathroom door is open, for those who prefer the trend of minimalism.


2. Keeping Your Shower Products Under Control

If you’re anything like myself, there’s a good chance your shower is currently filled with 100 different products (some necessary, some not so much...) that are cluttering either the shower floor or the edges of the tub. Not only is this a slip hazard, but it quickly turns a tidy-looking bathroom into one that looks messy and disorganised, especially if your bathroom isn’t large to begin with. Fortunately, we’ve got a few solutions! In addition to a bathroom storage caddy, you can utilise hanging space in the shower by attaching a second shower rod, from which you can hang hooks with small clips to attach to your shampoo, loofah and other toiletries.

You can also hang baskets or even a shoe organiser from these hooks to even more efficiently organise and store your toiletries. 


3. Beneath the Sink

One of the best bathroom storage ideas is the make the most of the spaces you already have, with countless opportunities under your sink or bathroom vanity being available to you. If you have a pedestal sink, you may be wondering how you can possibly use this space to help organise your bathroom. Don’t fear, there’s even a solution for you! You can easily install a small curtain under the edges of the sink (even to match the rest of your decor, win win!), and place storage baskets underneath the sink which will now be perfectly hidden from sight with the curtain. 

If the back of your bathroom cabinet is magnetic, this is the perfect opportunity to organise all of your small metal tools, such as bobby pins and tweezers by sticking them to the back.


You can even utilise the back of the cabinet doors for storage, by attaching plastic organisers to sort all of your little items such as cotton balls and buds. Empty candle jars are also an effective and attractive idea for storing these, and are the perfect way to reuse rather than dispose of the jars, which is an easy eco-friendly home hack.

Let’s face it, reaching all of your products under the sink can be a big pain in the butt, and trying not to knock over every bottle or tube is like navigating through a minefield! Placing all of your products on a two-tiered Lazy Susan is the ultimate bathroom hack, and guaranteed to save you loads of frustration and swearing.


Around the outside of the vanity can also be optimised for functionality by installing a picture ledge above the sink to hold your bits and pieces, and also attaching hooks to the side of your cabinet to mount a basket, which is perfect for keeping your electrical appliances organised.


4. Taking Advantage of Your Bathroom Walls

Your walls should also be taken advantage of for their bathroom storage potential. Adding a leaning ladder shelf against your bathroom wall is not only the perfect way to store your towels, plants and bathroom products but a wonderful way to up your bathroom decor game! Leaning ladder shelves are super versatile, as they can be leaned up against an empty wall or above your dirty laundry hamper, and are one of our go-to over-the-toilet storage ideas if you’re really short on space.


If you store your jewellery in your bathroom, you can keep it all tidy and beautifully displayed in a DIY jewellery picture frame, which can be easily made by repurposing an old vintage photo frame and adding a sheet of chicken wire on the inside to hang earrings and other jewellery.


Adding extra towel racks or rods to your bathroom walls is not only an obvious solution if you have more towels than space to hang them, but is also a versatile options for storing your other products in bathroom storage baskets that you can hang over the racks. 

5. Hidden Mirror Storage

Transform a basic mirror into a functional storage unit by attaching a hinged cabinet to the back. This hidden compartment can house smaller toiletries, medicines, or other personal items, keeping them easily accessible yet discreetly tucked away. It adds both style and functionality to your bathroom space.

These bathroom storage tips will help you keep your bathroom looking organised and tidy around the clock - with so many options for bathroom storage units, the possibilities are endless even if you're not undergoing a complete bathroom renovation!

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