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Bathroom renovations before and after

30th Jun '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Ready to remodel your bathroom but not sure where to start? Renovating the bathroom is probably one of the most important improvements you may create when it comes to the resale value of a house. But there is another reason, perhaps ultimately more beneficial, for considering a makeover for the bathroom.

bathroom renovation before & after

The room you reside in affects tremendously your temperament and your attitude to life. Hence, making your home beautiful and fresh is a great way to bring joy into your life. 

A bathroom renovation will help create a luxurious getaway for your master bath or an amazing guest bathroom to be enjoyed by your friends and relatives. Bathroom remodelling is indeed one of the easiest opportunities to improve a home's resale value — a crucial factor for homeowners who intend to move out the road at some stage. Yeah, it's no wonder that the most frequently upgraded space in the house is the bathroom. 

The bathroom remodelling options available could make you feel overwhelmed. But, if you're concerned about your bathroom renovation project that you may have missed, you can read the following suggestions.

1. Do your research 

Be the type of customer that has done your research regarding what he needs for the remodelling. It's really important to know what you like and what you dislike about your space. This enables the contractors to make up an accurate floor plan to plan the new bathroom space. 

Ideally the basic plan must be well thought through and the smaller elements such as taps, color schemes can be thought of later. Renovating or building a bathroom? Discover the 10 best ideas in bathroom trends and inspiration.

2. Hire the professionals 

It is always best to hire the professionals with adequate knowledge and the proper licences and paperwork to be able to do the work. 

To get an understanding of the price range, it is possible to check bathroom renovation offers from many professional tradies, such as a painter, builder, plumber and pick one based on their previous client feedback, pictures of their work and experience. Be sure that you explain whether the expense of their facilities is comprehensive or exclusive of the products used, and the expenses associated are well known at the start. We have a list tradies you will need for your bathroom renovation

Paying a good price for a skilled plumber's services means that he can provide high-quality workmanship, and it's not just necessary to focus your choice on the cheapest offer you get, because this can reflect the standard of service rendered.

3. Have a clear idea 

Properly planned designs can make your bathroom look larger and more lush. Whether the layout is undertaken by a design team or not, it's very necessary to know what you like and dislike about the room, which can provide a detailed floor plan that incorporates all of the required changes. 

The more you focus on what you like, the better it is to make decisions as you go forward. It will also provide you with a good database to test and use against your choices. 

4. Budget accordingly 

How much you spend on renovating the bathroom depends based on the particular preferences, the total valuation of the house, the layout of the home and the scope for the bathroom.

Yet in the end it's down to how many you can pay. People have different income levels determining their budgets 

Contracting tradespeople at their best price possible will help cut the costs.

5. Focus on the details

The bathroom is the location where details are really important. The finer tones are often important to the bathrooms final form and purpose. They will need to be factor on early in the design phase.

You need to allow ample time to consider all the alternatives, and allow time for the products to be delivered and then have them professionally installed.

It is advisable to order a bit of extra stock coming to materials such as tiles because during the installation process, cracking and breaking often occurs.

6. Be sustainable 

Upcycling is a straightforward process involving the turning of recycled goods and objects, old or unused, into new products.

Do not throw any of the items in the old bathroom while renovating as they can be incorporated in the new revamped bathroom. Tiles, bathtubs, toilets, vanities, or cabinets may all be upcycled in various ways.

Australian households use around 25 per cent of their overall hot water energy consumption. In fact, due to heat loss, 30 per cent of the energy used to heat water is lost. To make your bathroom green, installing a new, energy-efficient hot water system in place of an electric heater is important.

Increasing demand for eco conscious housing has made it possible for all Australians to make creative, cost-effective bathroom improvements

And don't be intimidated, here are few easy and straightforward ways to create a bathroom that will eco-envy your neighbours.

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