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How to fit a new bathroom

15th Jul '20 • By Rohit Mankame

What is the process of fitting a new bathroom suite and what should you bear in mind as you do so?

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How to fit a new bathroom?

A new bathroom renovation is an exciting job that raises a lot of questions so you may wonder where to start. There is a lot to consider; from making the most of the size of the space, to thinking about who will use the bathroom on a daily basis, and finally, what the overall design will be.

Fitting a new bathroom can dramatically alter the appearance of your home and increase the value of your property. Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most valuable rooms in any home, appealing more to buyers than any other. When it comes to lifestyle, having a swish new bathroom can also help spruce up your home and provide better bathroom facilities for you and your family. However, you will need to know which tradies do you need for bathroom renovations.

toilet and sink with dark brown wall

How to choose a bathroom suite?

The first step is to choose the new bathroom suite you intend to fit. Colour and style are clearly important factors, but it is also important to think about the practicalities. How much does the bathroom suite cost? More importantly, how will the suite fit within your bathroom space? What is your budget for bathroom renovation? Bathroom suites come in non standard sizes, so you need to make sure you know for definite your suite is going to fit before taking the plunge. 

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What are the types of bathroom layouts?

The amount of floor designs for bathroom renovations appear to fall into one of three categories; one, two ,or three configurations for wet-walls. A wet-wall refers to the way the fittings are plumbed into the bathroom (bath, tub, toilet, sink, etc ..). That specifies where the plumbing lines and connexions to the fittings will lead.

  1. One-wet-wall layout.

In a one-wet-wall layout, the sink and shower are installed in the bathroom along the same wall, which appears to be fairly cost-effective due to the uncomplicated plumbing involved. The down side of a single-wet-wall configuration is that when it comes to choosing the dream bathroom suite, you have far less variety.

  1. Two-wet-wall layout.

In this layout, you can get your toilet and sink plumbing done in one wall and your shower plumbed in another wall. This reduces the limitations on choosing your bathroom suite

  1. Three-wet-wall layout.

You can plumb the toilet, sink and shower on three different walls with a three-wet-wall layout. It might be an expensive decision but it allows you the freedom of options. This method will ensure that your bathroom looks luxurious

broken down bathroom and new bathroom

Remove your old bathroom

Removing your old bathroom can be tricky. Depending on the size and the layout of the room, you may have to remove parts of the suite in a certain order. Take care not to damage plumbing works, tiling or the floor of your bathroom if you don’t intend to replace these. It is easy to create more hassle and expense when ripping out a bathroom suite if you do so carelessly. You can have a look at bathroom renovations before and after as well. 

What is the purpose for your renovation?

It's easy to get carried away when preparing your dream bathroom renovationsuite, but somehow you have to get practicality in the mix. It is always a good idea to research bathroom renovation ideas and tips for renovating your bathroom

If you have children you must account for extended periods of time spent in the bathroom.

If you have a family member with reduced mobility may need to be taken into consideration and you may consider moving the bathroom downstairs or adding more functional bathroom fittings. 

If you are looking to sell your house in the future then with all the mod cons, a sleek new bathroom can add value to your property and be a real selling point for potential buyers.

Think about installation order

The order you install your new bathroom suite is equally important. If possible, start with the toilet first – this will at least make your home habitable, assuming there are no other toilets in your home. Thinking carefully about the order of installation means you can make the most of your bathroom space, while getting the room to the point of being usable as quickly as you possibly can when fitting your own bathroom.

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What tradies to hire to fit your new bathroom?

When preparing for a bathroom renovation, you may be wondering which tradespeople you need to help you complete your remodel. There are a number of trades that you will need to renovate your bathroom, as each of these types of workers are specialists in their respective fields which ensures that your bathroom renovation is completed with attention to detail and to a high standard.

Obtaining bathroom renovation quotes from these professionals will help you determine your total bathroom renovation cost and you will be able to determine what jobs you can DIY based on your skill and ability.

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