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4 ways to turn your bathroom into a bright space

31st Mar '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Looking for ways to lighten up your bathroom? We have 4 amazing ways you can completely transform your bathroom

ways-to-turn-your-bathroom-into-a-bright-spaceWhen it comes to lighting, it's all too tempting to slip into a safe decorating pit. Instead of concentrating solely on the functional aspect of lighting for daily bathroom activities, make your light fittings a trendy element or a focal point in their own right. If your bathroom looks dull and boring, you need to transform that space ASAP. Even if you aren't doing a big bathroom renovation, consider upgrading your lighting scheme – whether you add a bold pendant, upgrade your mirror lighting, or add a dimmer switch, you can completely transform your space. Consider the times of day you'll be there and whether or not you'll have a lot of natural light to work with. Then think about the atmosphere you want to build and when you want to do it. 

Are you looking for a lively and energizing space, or for a more relaxing and therapeutic bathroom? The choice is yours.
Here are some ideas to get you started.

Light it up!

Never compromise on lighting. Good lighting is a must in every part of your house, including the bathroom. Beautiful, hanging lights can help add a bit of personality and give the place a really good look. This will help a small bathroom look luxurious. Consider investing in large-scale light fixtures—specifically flush-mount chandeliers. If you’re not a specialist then don't DIY. Ask an expert! The right lighting can change the mood of the room. If it's too dark, it makes the room very gloomy so observe how much natural light is received during the day to determine your lighting needs. You can select your lighting depending on the mood of the room. Whether a chandelier or an industrial light, wire or grass-woven pendant, this is a simple way to add some structure to the room.

Make the most of the natural light 

Maximise layout for easy flow and movement. Place the shower behind a simple glass screen, adding a niche inside instead of shelves. Avoid baskets or floor storage, and create extra space with a wall-mounted toilet or one with a concealed cistern. Another way to brighten up your bathroom is through the skylight. The most obvious way to light up an internal bathroom is by introducing daylight through skylights. This is a relatively simple job when there is direct roof access, but on a ground floor with another level above, there are still ways to duct daylight to where it is needed. Illuminated coffered ceilings are a superb – but very expensive – way to ensure all-day light. Light from these sky panels over the shower area bounces lustre from metallic mosaic tiles into the rest of the room.

Floating Vanity

Select a slim, modern profile with a deep under shelf drawer.  Above, add a mirrored cabinet that is tucked away and recessed into the wall. Accessorise your vanity with simple tap hardware and materials and finishes that flow together with ease. A cohesive look makes space appear instantly larger. To keep your bathroom clutter-free, it’s important to have plenty of storage, such as a wall cabinet and a cupboard or vanity unit. To minimise the impact of these, go for a floating unit, like this one, which will give the illusion of more floor space. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter will also allow other light-enhancing strategies to work their hardest. For a wall cabinet, choose mirrored doors to bounce light around the room. Highlighting a vanity unit with carefully considered lighting will ensure the bathing space feels light and airy throughout the day.


Mirrored cabinetry adds a sleek, polished finish to a small room. Versatile for stowing daily essentials, it’s also effective for bouncing light around and creating a feeling of openness. Look for a round or angled style, or choose a long, horizontal shape that elongates a small wall. Whatever the shape, make sure it’s at a scale that gives you plenty to view. Hang a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door too. A wall-to-ceiling mirror boosts not only light but makes this streamlined bathroom look doubly spacious. Placing mirrors at right angles to one another will also provide useful opportunities for viewing yourself from every angle. Go for bright lighting at the mirror for shaving and applying make-up, but add a dimmer switch to the main light so you can create a mellow mood for bathing.

While an all-white colour scheme is the traditional go-to for a small room, add neutral shades, like soft greys, for an airy feel. Adding colour to a simple or neutral palette feels less clinical. All of these lighting ideas are great options to start and will give you that desired bigger room feel. When decorating, try and find that happy medium that still gives a homely, welcoming feel and is inviting to family and friends when they visit, without feeling too enclosed. Enjoy the benefits of creating an uplifting atmosphere that raises the spirits after a hard day at work!

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