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Trending ideas for your next bathroom renovation 2021 edition

26th Mar '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Looking for bathroom renovation design ideas? From crisp and modern to luxurious and warm interiors, get inspired by the latest trends

After 2020 everyone is looking to make changes in their life. Whether you’re making small upgrades to your home, going for a full renovation project, a bathroom renovation is a great way to start to change the feel of your home. So it’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space is often the top priority when it comes time to remodel. But choosing a brand-new look isn’t always easy, so we’ve gathered 6 of our favourite bathroom design ideas - 

Black is the new black

Say hello to the year's finest bathroom trend: the black bathroom. If Instagram and Pinterest haven't convinced you, we will.  A black bathroom with minimal interiors and plenty of textures will give your bathroom a unique style. This can be accomplished by using matt black faucets, towel rings, and showerheads. It's a great idea to create a dramatic contrast by matching black fixtures with lighter-coloured tiles. Take a look at this guide for inspiration on bathroom tiles. Break up the darkness by combining geometric shapes with dark tones. They're a great way to make a statement in the bathroom. Since some homeowners may be reluctant to use even darker tones in their homes, charcoal grey is a good option.


Autumn is a favourite season for many people. Preparing your home for the Autumn trends is a fun part of every season's preparation. If it's swapping the colour of your towels or repainting your walls, it's time to make a change. Choose a neutral colour scheme for the walls and add colour with your fixtures and accessories. Your bathroom will look new and modern thanks to the retro designs in your tiles. Or paint warmer tones such as terracotta, copper, rust and caramel (very popular choices). Don't forget about the soap dispensers, jars, and flowers in oatmeal, off-white, or metallic colours. 

Statement Lighting

Depending on the vibe of your home, you can style your bathroom lighting accordingly. If you have a modern-looking home metallic lighting fixtures are a way to go. Keeping a simple colour palette eliminates any potential distractions from the bulbs. Backlit mirrors are a fantastic addition to any modern bathroom. They provide ambient lighting without adding glare or reflections on the mirror, and when dimmed, they can also serve as a nightlight. If you want a more retro look, go for metallic, caged LED bulbs. These LED energy-saving bulbs look fantastic in the bathroom because of their clean, minimalist style. They are both functional and decorative, as the bulb would not need to be replaced for several years. 

Smart Bathrooms

If you are interested in technology and futurism is the look you are going for, this one especially for you. In 2021, bathrooms will see smart showers, mini-fridges, and automatic sinks. Smart showers begin automatically and can be hot and ready when you return home from a stressful day at work. The built-in Bluetooth speaker system is another common trend. Once seen as a futuristic and costly luxury, smart toilets and bidets are finding a prominent place in many homes post the pandemic. Smart toilets have hands-free components, like self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, which reduce interactions with germy surfaces. Another feature to look forward to is self-cleaning technology. Other fun trends we've seen include voice-activated lighting and increased television instalments, but the possibilities are endless. Bathrooms are being transformed into personal day spas, and new innovations are making the experience more comfortable and convenient than ever. It might be a good investment for you to consider adding a heating system under your floor. 

Floating Vanity

floating vanity
While floating vanities are known for their contemporary look, the space-saving storage solution now offers more customization options than ever before, with sinks, faucets, and hardware to suit every style. Bathroom vanities that are mounted on the wall are light and airy, and they don't appear like a big, heavy box on the floor. This look helps to break up the visual weight of the cabinetry and allows the coordinating materials to be the focal point of the room. You won't have to worry about storage, either, because you can incorporate built-in organising compartments into the cabinetry or add baskets underneath for some creative storage.

Forget about Wallpapers

Large-format tiles, in particular, exude luxury, particularly when combined with natural stone and stone-look materials. Since there are fewer grout lines to scrub, slabs are a popular option for shower surrounds. Nontraditional subway tiles in a variety of sizes, colours, textures, and finishes will be a major bathroom design trend in 2021. For their trendy minimalist look, try vertically and horizontally stacked linear tiles. Warm, inviting neutrals and earthy hues like beige, tan, brown, and mushroom shades will become more common as they provide the perfect backdrop.
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