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Cost of a cleaner in newcastle

11th Jul '18 • By Ellis Garwood

Do you prefer to clean your home yourself, or have you considered having it cleaned by a professional? If you are located in the Newcastle region, here is what you should expect to pay for a professional cleaner.

cost of a cleaner in newcastle

Whether you’re needing a one-off clean because you have let the week get away from you, or a spring clean to give your home that fresh blitz, you may decide to give yourself a break and let the professionals get the job done.

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Industry standard rates for a one-off clean


A one-off clean is normally a whole house clean from top to bottom, including your kitchen and bathrooms, vacuuming and dusting. For a one-off clean, businesses tend to increase the hourly prices and offer cheaper hourly prices thereafter. This allows businesses to retain customers and drive them to booking further cleans and as this provides the customer with lower prices when booking in for ongoing cleans. 

It’s a win-win! 

The average cost you will be looking at for a one-off clean in Newcastle is: 

$35.00 AUS + GST per hour


$25.00 AUS + GST per hour if you allow the professionals to use your own cleaning products. 

The price can vary if they give you the option to use your own cleaning products. This normally decreases the cleaning price per hour. However, be aware that not all cleaning businesses provide this option so you will have to check. This is a great way to get a cheaper rate while ensuring that the professional is using green toxin-free cleaning products.

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Factors that can affect the price of your clean:

How often you book a clean


Booking ongoing cleans with the same business will often result in lower rates. For example, if you are booking in a weekly ongoing clean with a cleaning company, your first clean may cost around $40.00 per hour then they may offer you $30.00 per hour thereafter. 

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Providing the cleaning products


A lot of cleaners offer you the option of using your own cleaning products which will drop the price by about $5.00 per hour. 

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The type of products you request


If you are able to request eco-friendly products to be used for your clean, this may add around $10.00 per hour onto your clean. This is because these products are more expensive to buy than traditional products. However, there are many benefits to using natural products for your home. We recommend purchasing an eco-friendly cleaning kit to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Add ons and extras 


Extras such as window cleaning, ironing and carpet cleaning will result in higher costs. Adding in specific services will increase the overall price. For example, if the cleaning company also offers carpet cleaning, they may offer this an added extra from around $30.00 +GST per room or offer whole packages that include 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining and hall from $200.00 + GST. These prices will also vary depending on what type of carpet clean you have and how big your house is. Some businesses don't include window cleaning as part of the general clean and window cleaning as an extra can vary between $10.00 to $15.00 per window. 

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Amount of bathrooms you have in your home


Bathrooms are greedy with grime. This is where thorough cleaning needs to take place to ensure all soap scum and dirt is taken care of. Therefore, more bathrooms in your home that requiring cleaning can sometimes increase the overall cleaning price. 

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The size of you home


Unfortunately having a big home can have some downfalls, such as the cost of running your home, general maintenance and cleaning. The bigger the home, the more products are used to clean, the longer it takes, and the higher the price of cleaning. 

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How clean your home is 


There is a difference between cleaning a dirty home and cleaning a tidy home. If you are looking to hire a cleaner, consider the state of your home first as this may affect the quote that the cleaner provides to you. The less there is to clean, the cheaper the service will be. 

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Specialised cleans


Specialised one-off cleans will vary from a bond clean to a general spring clean. Specialised cleans are a more expensive service as they require a more labour intensive and thorough clean. Bond cleaning can be a big cost, varying from $250.00 AUD for a 1 bedroom apartment all the way up to $650.00 AUD for a 5 bedroom apartment. With bond cleans, always check what is included in the price as you may have to pay extras for windows and carpets. 

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Questions to ask when hiring a cleaner:

Do you have police check certificates for all of you cleaners?
Do you have any satisfaction guarantees?
Do you use natural toxin-free products?
Are you Licensed, bonded and do you hold public liability insurance?
How much will it cost? 

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When choosing a cleaning company, keep in mind that you are leaving your home in the cleaner’s capable hands. Make sure you have the above questions answered to make sure they are a trusted business. There are several ways to choose the right business for your needs. Do your research to make sure the business looks credible online and check out previous customer reviews before moving forward with the business. 

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