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Why is getting an end-of-lease cleaner a good idea?

5th Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Moving is already stressful with a hundred things that you need to take care of. Why not make your job a little easier by hiring a bond cleaner or end-of-lease cleaner? We have listed the reasons why hiring an end-of-lease cleaner is a good idea.

The last thing that you need to worry about as you move out is the end-of-lease cleaning. But it is one of the most important responsibilities you have, and you need to do. An end-of-lease cleaning requires a skilled and well-rounded cleaner to make sure that you get your bond back and also that you leave the property with no traces, just like how it looked when you moved in. Do not worry because end-of-lease cleaners have the skill-set to make the property clean and pleasing as you move out.

end-of-lease-cleaningArticle Overview

  • Reasons to get an end-of-lease cleaner
  • What to look for when hiring an end-of-lease cleaner?
  • What does the end-of-lease cleaning service include?

Reasons to get an end-of-lease cleaner

Doing end-of-lease cleaning by yourself can consume so much time and energy. You do not want to be stressed about moving out and moving into another place simultaneously. It is better to entrust the end-of-lease cleaning to an expert cleaner. Here are the reasons why hiring an end-of-lease cleaner is a good idea.

1. Saves you time

The end-of-lease cleaners know precisely how to fix the property as you move out. They have the knowledge and enough experience in dealing with end-of-lease cleaning service issues. You do not have to worry about the property as you move out by getting an end-of-lease cleaner. You just have to supervise the cleaning service, and you can move on to arranging your new living space.

2. Saves your money

An end-of-lease cleaner has the tools and equipment as well as cleaning products that are essential to perform end-of-lease cleaning service efficiently for you. You do not need to buy the things that will be needed to perform the cleaning. The tools, pieces of equipment, and skills are all-in-one packages when getting an end-of-lease cleaner. To find out how much an end of lease clean costs, read this article. 

3. Better and high-quality cleaning

When you get an end-of-lease cleaner, you are paying for skills and expertise in making sure that you will move out and leave the property in good condition. With an end-of-lease cleaner, the high quality of cleaning is guaranteed, and the cleaning service is tailored specifically to what the property needs to look welcoming and pleasing again.

4. Ensures you get your bond back

When you move out of the property, the owner will assess the current situation of the property. If it looks as good as it looked like when you moved in, you can get your bond back—getting an end-of-lease cleaner guarantees that the property will be clean and clear of any unwanted elements. The cleaner will remove all unnecessary things to make the property suitable as new as you move into your new property.

5. Insurance against damages

The rules and regulations in getting an end-of-lease cleaner are that they will be given insurance from the company where you hired the cleaner in case of any damages and accidents in your property. In this way, you can ensure that they will handle the property with utmost care and professionalism. An end-of-lease cleaner guarantees an efficient cleaning service right on time and within budget.


What to look for when hiring an end-of-lease cleaner?

You might be wondering how you can hire the best end-of-lease cleaner to maximize the benefit of hiring one. But first, you must know the means. You can hire a skilled end-of-lease cleaner by considering at least 3 end-of-lease cleaner quotes from multiple cleaners and companies. This way, you can get the best deals near your area. Now, here are the qualities you should look for when hiring an end-of-lease cleaner.

  • It is better to hire an end-of-lease cleaner with a fixed price and a specific set of cleaning services. In this way, you can be sure that there is enough time to finish the job efficiently without hurting your wallet. It does not mean that end-of-lease cleaners who prefer hourly rates are undesirable, but you can be sure that the time and service offered are maximized with a fixed price.
  • You must know the specific services you need for the property and hire an end-of-lease cleaner committed to completing the service in the specific time you set. Most of the time, only 3-5 days of grace is given to complete your moving out and end-of-lease cleaning, and you need to comply with that time.
  • Choose a cleanser with a high satisfaction rate. Rating matters when it comes to qualifying for jobs that need skills, expertise, and experience. Look for an end-of-lease cleaner with a high satisfaction rate and positive client feedback. You can also ask for recommendations to get a trusted and efficient end-of-lease cleaner.
  • Finally, look for insurance. Insurance is an assurance that the cleaner takes full accountability for every accident and damages done on the property. In this way, you do not need to worry about paying the property owner for accidents and damage you did not do, part of the cleaning service you availed.

What does the end-of-lease cleaning service include?

The end-of-cleaning services may include a specific set of services, or you can customize a set of services particular to what the property needs. Here is a list of the cleaning services that you can expect from an end-of-lease cleaner.

Overall cleaning of rooms

No crevices and canines should be missed out during end-of-lease cleaning in the living room and bedroom. These are the places in the house that new tenants will inspect. It is very important to do an efficient overall room cleaning and ensure that all rooms are ready to be used.

Sanitation of kitchen and bathroom

Sanitize and clean the countertops in the bathroom and the kitchen. Disinfect the sinks and toilets, and use natural cleaning materials such as mild detergents to ensure the colour of the countertops, sinks, and toilets. The floor and wall tiles also need cleaning as well as the backsplash. 

Grooming the outdoor area

The outdoors is the setting to which your house should compliments. The typical outdoor areas include the terrace and backyard. These areas can be part of the property you rented, and they also need to be groomed for the next tenant.


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