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Why professional cleaning companies are going organic

11th Jul '18 • By

Going organic may be seen by some as a passing trend, but for others, it is part of their deeply held values of caring for their own health, that of the people around them, and this beautiful Earth that we’re lucky enough to call home.

cleaning companies going organic

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Many professional cleaning companies have decided to reap all the benefits of using organic cleaning products to leave their valued customers satisfied. Here’s why.

Improved air quality


As many of us spend most of our time indoors, the importance of the air quality inside should be high on your list of priorities. You may assume that if you’re hiring a professional cleaner, by not using the products yourself you aren’t coming into direct contact with these chemicals. The reality is, many conventional cleaning products deposit a chemical residue on a surface which release toxins that contaminate the air, whereas organic and natural products don’t. Not only do these residues affect us when we eat from our dishes and table surfaces, or when pets and children play on the floor, but by being emitted into the air, we are exposed via our respiratory tract. Professional cleaning companies who are dedicated to the health and safety of your family are therefore choosing organic products to make your home squeaky clean as part of their mission to give their customers the ultimate service.

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Increased worker productivity


Professional cleaners of offices and other workspaces are also making the switch to organic for a heap of other logical reasons. By using organic cleaning products, worker absenteeism can be reduced by improving the quality of air inside which reduces stress, fatigue and headaches, ensuring that employees are healthy both mentally and physically, which results in less sick days. The consideration taken to incorporate the use of healthy, eco-friendly cleaning products into the maintenance of the work space is also a fantastic way to boost worker morale and happiness by demonstrating to staff that a business is willing to invest in their health and that of mother nature. Visitors to the workplace also get to enjoy the advantages of these benefits, and using organic products also helps to extend the life of a building.

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Reduced health issues


Chemicals used in conventional cleaning products such as bleaches and detergents are irritants of pre-existing respiratory issues such as asthma, and have also been found to be the cause of such illnesses. These ingredients and the many others that form the chemical cocktails that are traditionally used for cleaning are also linked to a variety of other issues such as food allergies, skin conditions, reproductive disorders, ADHD, immunity problems, and some forms of cancer. By using organic cleaning products, professional cleaners are basically saying that they want the best for you! Thoughtful, huh?

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No animal testing


​Professional cleaners are also opting to go organic for the benefit of our furry (and not-so-furry) friends! Many organic brands are dedicated to creating products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals, which will be stated on the packaging if this is the case. It is always important to check the labels, though, as organic does not always guarantee that a product is vegan or cruelty free. Knowing that your professional cleaner is committed to using products that don’t harm animals is also an indication that they care about the health of your pets in your home, who will be exposed to the cleaning products that are being used.

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Helping the environment thrive


Traditional, chemical cleaning products affect the earth in several ways. Many of their ingredients are derived from non-renewable resources, such as petroleum. These ingredients are also often not biodegradable, so continue to pollute our waterways and aren’t safe for the wild creatures that are exposed to them. By choosing brands and products that are transparent about the ingredients used and include only those that are organic and eco-friendly, professional cleaning companies are aligning their values and mission to those of the companies whose products they use. 

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Reduction of waste


Many green cleaning manufacturers offer their products in a concentrated form in order to reduce their impact on the environment by producing less packaging materials that will end up in landfill, and therefore reducing resources used to ship the products. Professional cleaning companies are aiming to reduce their contribution to waste by choosing organic cleaning products, an amazing initiative to ensure that future generations will get to live in a beautiful environment just as we have!

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No ‘green washing’


Many companies that produce supposedly natural products are misleading consumers by claiming that they are naturally derived or environmentally friendly when in fact, they aren’t. This practice is also known as ‘green washing’, and is the result of the strategic advertising and marketing tactics employed by these companies to convince customers that they’re making healthy, eco-friendly choices when purchasing their products. By choosing cleaning products that are certified organic by third parties, professional cleaning companies can trust that the products that they’re using are genuinely not harmful for those exposed to the products or our precious earth. 

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If creating a home or workplace filled with good health, happiness and consideration for the earth and all of its creatures are important to you, then choosing a professional cleaner that shares these values should be a no-brainer! 

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