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Low maintenance ideas for a cleaner-looking home

4th Apr '18 • By Ellis Garwood

If you are looking for a cleaner-looking home that is easy to maintain, we have some useful tips to help you create a home that requires less attention but looks amazing.

low maintenance ideas

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No clutter


Clutter is busy for the eye. It is also a major dust builder so decluttering will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning. Clutter can be as simple as having too many ornaments around the home, or too many picture frames on the wall. Having clean surfaces, free from a busy arrangement of ornaments will give you a fresh space and a cleaner looking home. 


Hardwood flooring 


The popularity of hardwood flooring, natural stone and tile has overtaken carpet for several reasons. Hardwood flooring gives a rich and elegant look to your home interior. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain along with adding a modern and beautifully classic element to the home. 


Upholstery fabrics that are easy to clean and durable


When you’re updating your home, think long term. You may need to spend that little bit extra at the start when purchasing your furniture; however, in the long run, it will save you money. It is better to buy good quality fabrics that are easily washed than have to re-buy new ones down the road. Dark leather is a great choice as it can be easily cleaned and looks beautiful in the home.


Plenty of storage options 


Hide all of those shoes your family leaves by the front door or install a shoe rack. Put away all those magazines you leave on the coffee table. Have plenty of drawer space for all of that paperwork you leave on your desk.

Storing items away properly will not only add to a cleaner looking home, but it will also allow you to find things quickly as they will be in dedicated places. 


Add some decking 


Garden maintenance is a never-ending job. The grass and hedges are constantly growing and require a lot of attention to keep on top of. Why not replace it with a lovely deck area with a shine finish to protect it? This gives the garden area a clean look and is a great place for socialising.




Minimalism is soothing for the eyes and gives the instant result of a cleaner-looking home.  If you put away any unnecessary ornaments and store away your excess belongings in cupboards, you will be leaning more toward the minimalist feel. The trend of choosing neutral paint colours will also add to a minimalist atmosphere within the home.


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