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5 advantages of hiring an office cleaner

5th Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

The appearance of your office is very important for not only the clients but also your employees. Find out the advantages of hiring an office cleaner

The appearance of your office reflects the kind of environment you prefer for working. Most of the time, people tend to associate your brand with how you maintain your office. If you are in a corporate world or any other professional field, these things matter to you, and you do not want your office to look dirty and untidy. Make your office a clean, safe, and productive place by investing in professional cleaning services to maintain a welcoming and comfortable workspace.

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  • 5 Advantages of hiring a commercial cleaner for your office
  • Complete Office Cleaning Checklist
  • What are the benefits of a clean and tidy office?

5 Advantages of hiring a commercial cleaner for your office

Hiring a professional commercial cleaner for your office can help you achieve a clean and tidy workspace without interrupting productivity. Here are five advantages of hiring a commercial cleaner for your office.

  1. Secure and clean

Most professional offices are air-conditioned, which means there is a fast circulation of air. When you do not clean your office, clouds of dust will join in the air circulating in the room, and you will breathe them in and out together with other allergens. That is why it is very important to do a thorough cleaning in your office regularly, to prevent the accumulation of dust that will, later on, circulate in the air you breathe. Your office will be safe for your health if you maintain it clean and tidy.

  1. Time and Cost-Efficient

Hiring a commercial cleaner can help you save time and money by having the skills and necessities to do the job efficiently. It enables you to save time because you do not have to interrupt productivity to clean your workspace. You can work at ease knowing that a skilled expert is at your service. In addition to that, hiring a professional cleaner helps you save money because you are paying for an efficient service, and you do not need to buy the tools, equipments, sanitation sprays, and other products used to clean your office.


  1. You are paying for skills and expertise

Cleaning is not just sweeping and mopping floors. It is about making sure that your office is clean, tidy, and conducive to daily workloads and pressure. When you hire a commercial cleaner, you do not need to worry about having little to no knowledge about efficient cleaning. Commercial cleaners have the experience, the skills, and the expertise to turn your workspace into a safe and comfortable place for your daily work and other hustles.

  1. Guaranteed regular cleaning creates a good image

Personality is an essential aspect in the professional field, and people tend to connect your personality to the kind of office that you have. It is whether your office is maintained or improved, or your office is poorly maintained. It reflects your character up to a certain extent. That is why you have to keep a good image in your work, including your workspace.

  1. You can customize the cleaning program to suit your needs

When you hire a commercial cleaner, you can negotiate the cleaning service that your office needs explicitly. You can choose a specific set of cleaning services or select and combine particular services based on what you need for your office to be more pleasing and comfortable. In this way, your office gets the cleaning services tailored to suit particular and exacting needs.

After reading all of this if you are wondering how much a cleaner costs, we have a guide prepared just for you. 

Complete office cleaning checklist

If you want to ensure that all corners of your office get the cleaning service they need, you must have a checklist of the office cleaning you need. In that way, you will not miss out, and you can have an efficient office cleaning routine. Rundown through this list and identify the specific services you need. You can get at least three cleaner quotes to clean the whole office area for you. But if you think your office does not have such a big area, you just hire one skilled cleaner. You can hand over this checklist to the cleaner for a more organized cleaning.

For desks and cubicles

  • Dust the keyboards and clean the computer screens
  • Vacuum areas under the desks and tables
  • Dust and wipe the windows
  • Disinfect the things and surfaces that people touch and share, such as lamps, keyboards, photocopiers, printers, staplers, and the likes
  • Rearrange shelves and dust books, frames, and other things on display

For reception and waiting areas

  • Organize the receiving desk
  • Vacuum the sofa and clean the pieces of furniture that waiting visitors will use
  • Ensure cleaning all the things that the guests will first see, the company sign, and the doors and windows
  • Mop the floors
  • Vacuum your carpet and change your mats regularly

For office bathroom

  • Clean and disinfect the toilets and sinks
  • Mop the floor with disinfectant
  • Clean and clear off all hard surfaces, even the powder area
  • Swipe the mirror with glass cleaner
  • Put hand sanitisers, hand soap, and make sure that all hand dryers are working properly


What are the benefits of a clean and tidy office?

Hiring a commercial cleaner to clean your office is always worth it. The positive impact of a clean and tidy office is not just for you. It is radiated to the people and things around you.

  • A clean and tidy office creates an appealing ambience for you, your staff, and your clients. It will make people feel good and comfortable.
  • A clean and tidy office helps in reducing stress. No one can afford to be stressed for work and for workspace at the same time. At the same time, you no longer need to spend hours in a cluttered and dirty space. You can be more productive.
  • It helps you get rid of pests and mosquitos that will distract you during office hours. Pests cannot grow and develop in a well-maintained workspace.
  • When your office is clean and tidy, good quality of air is circulating. Because clouds of dust on many surfaces are removed, they do not mix with the circulating air. It means that you are not breathing in dirty air and allergens.
  • A clean and tidy office reflects your ethics, responsibleness, and professionalism.

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