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14 Ways to Increase the Safety of Your Home

Keeping our families and homes safe is important to everyone. We all know the basics. Lock our doors and windows, check the smoke detector batteries, don’t answer the door to strangers. But there are a lot of extra steps you can take to help improve the security to keep everyone safe. In this post, we’ll provide you with 14 of the best tips to improve safety in your home.
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4 ways to organise a small laundry

Whether your brooms and mops are constantly falling over, your detergents are in shambles or your ironing board is forever in the way, there are many ingenious ways you can organise a small laundry yourself.
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5 easy ways to upgrade your home

Have you ever looked at your home and realised it’s due for a makeover, but your wallet is telling you otherwise? Here are some easy things you can do to upgrade your home, without breaking the bank! Not only are they cheap options but the results you can achieve will surprise you!
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What does a handyman do?

When it comes to issues in your home, it can be difficult to pinpoint which jobs require which skill set or trade. Many problems that occur in your home could require the simple fix of a common repair man, or what we call a “handyman.”
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Handyman hacks: How to do the little jobs like a pro

These awesome beginner handyman hacks will have you feeling like a pro and fixing things around your home the genius way.
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Garage Door Repairs: Your Top Questions Answered

Do you know if your garage door is working correctly? If you haven’t paid any attention to it recently, it may be time for a service or some garage door repairs.
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6 easy DIY home decor ideas

Are you a DIY extraordinaire looking for new inspiration? We have some trendy chic DIY home decor ideas that will get you in the creative spirit.
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11 hilarious mailboxes you need in your life

These mailboxes that will be sure to make you LOL.
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What are the most common home maintenance repairs?

It’s often easy to find help and advice for undertaking highly challenging and specific repairs that need to be done around the home. What’s not always so easy is finding useful information about some of the more common home maintenance repairs!
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5 DIY gifts for Mum that look professional

Ditch common tacky DIY projects and go for creating professional looking finished DIY gifts for your beloved Mum.