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5 jobs to do around the house this summer

1st Dec '22 • By

Summer is the season of fun, relaxation, and sun. Time off during the holidays can also mean spending time maintaining and improving your home. During summer, you have more time to go looking for areas of improvement, which can also add value to your house and your everyday life.

There are different parts of your house that might need more attention and effort, both indoors and outdoors. Some jobs may need to be immediately done, while others aren’t as urgent. You don’t necessarily need to invest a fortune, as many home projects do not have to be expensive. You can do minimal upgrades that create a significant impact on your home and lifestyle.

If you have little knowledge about the jobs that need to be done around the house during summer, you can hire a handyman to help you with the process of improving your living space.

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A handyman costs roughly $35 to $60 an hour if you want their basic services and complete home improvements during the summer. A handyman can help you with various sets of jobs because they are equipped with knowledge and expertise in a number of areas. You should get at least three handyman quotes to find the best professionals in your area.

Here are the best places to begin your summer maintenance.

Article Summary

  1. Spend Quality Time in Your Garden
  2. A Fresh Coat of Paint
  3. Beat the Bugs and Insects
  4. Check Your Pool and Spa Area
  5. Improve Your Exteriors

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1. Spend Quality Time in Your Garden

Plants and flowers bloom during summer. That’s why it is the best time to give attention to your garden. You can start cutting and trimming your plants. Take away twigs, dead stems, and dead leaves. It’s important to prioritise the aesthetic value of your garden and the life of your plants. You can consider shuffling their placements in your garden, as long as all of them receive generous sunlight and water as frequently as needed. 

You can also replace the old and cracked pots with new ones. If your plants in the pots are growing faster than you expected, replace their pots with bigger ones so they can have more significant room for growth. You can also add more plants to your garden by hanging pots and vines. Doing this can make your summer more meaningful by adding aesthetic value and the benefits of nature to your home.

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2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

During summer, paint is faster to dry, making it more efficient to do a few fresh coats. You can consider repainting the old parts of your home with damaged finishes and cracking colours. Painting your walls and other home surfaces can be a therapeutic way to help you express your creativity. It means that you can uplift your mood and beautify your home at the same time. Remember that you don’t have to repaint all the rooms in your house — just do it in the areas that you think need a refresh.

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3. Beat the Bugs and Insects

Heat and humidity allow some species of bugs and insects to multiply faster during summer. Keep an eye on your wooden pieces of furniture and other things that bugs and insects might destroy. Buy a natural and toxic-free spray to prevent bugs from lingering around and becoming a nuisance. You can also use a vacuum to clean spaces with tiny holes where they usually hide. 

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4. Check Your Pool and Spa Area

Swimming and relaxation are essential parts of summer. This is why it’s important to check the pool and spa area where your family will spend much of their time. Ensure that your spa area is clean and create an appropriate sanitation process for it. Change your pool’s water and use chlorine to get rid of bacteria build-up and other contamination. 

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5. Improve Your Exteriors

Another priority should be the durability of the exteriors of your home, most importantly, your roof. Clean your roof and fix any damage to its surface. If it needs replacement, do this as soon as possible to avoid too much heat getting in your home. 

If you need some help with jobs around the house this summer, get in touch with a local handyman today.

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