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How to pet-proof your house

27th Nov '22 • By

Before adopting a pet, you must consider making your living space a safe and comfortable sanctuary for them. It’s essential to make necessary adjustments to make it a safe place where your pets can play without worrying about their well-being and damaging your property.

This is possible with a few pet-proofing ideas that aim to transform your household into a safe space that prevents your pets from reaching chemicals, materials, and anything that can harm them physically. Instead of just locking them in cages when you’re not around or restricting them to being tied up, it is wiser to pet-proof your home so that your pets can play and get used to exploring your living space. Pets who are allowed to roam around and be familiar in their living space tend to be calmer, easier to train, and more obedient than those who have minimal opportunity to be free.

If you have no idea how to start pet-proofing your home, a handyman can help you with the basic constructions and installations to help. You can get free handyman quotes to find the best handyman services available in your area. The service of a handyman costs approximately $35 to $60 for basic tasks. 

white tabby cat playingHow to Pet-Proof Each Room of Your Home

You can pet-proof a particular part of your home where you want to limit your pets, or you can make your whole house a safe space for them so they can freely roam around.

Pet-Proofing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a common area in your home, and there are a number of items that may harm your pets if you’re not careful. Primarily, food and other goods are stored in the kitchen. Many human foods are unsafe for your pets which is why it is essential to have storage boxes for your food supply that are beyond your pets’ reach if the cupboards happen to be left open.

If your dining table is at its level of reach, it is essential to have it high enough to avoid your pets from reaching food and sharp utensils that you leave on your dining table. Foods such as coffee, chocolates, nuts, and onion, can be harmful to your pets, so it’s essential to remove access.

brown dog on blue bed next to plantPet-Proofing Your Bathroom

There are chances that your pets may roam around your bathroom and play with shampoo and liquid soap bottles. Make sure to have storage for your bathroom essentials, as most of them have chemicals that are only suitable for humans. If your pet accidentally bites on shampoo or soap bottles, they might intake its content that is toxic for their body. Bleaches and cleaners are also highly poisonous, so make sure that these items are not reachable. Always be mindful of storing away your bathroom essentials after using the bathroom.

Pet-Proofing Your Living Room

Your living room is another common area of your home. Avoid choosing carpet for the floor if you have cats and dogs. Their fur will get into the carpet, and you’ll need to frequently vacuum to keep the floor clean. It’ll be more difficult to remove odours, especially if your pets have an accident when you’re toilet training them.

You can also buy a scratch-proof couch or couch cover so that when your pets are being naughty, they won’t damage it. 

boy with puppy on shoulderPet-Proofing Your Bedroom

Many people find it comforting to have their pets sleep in their bedrooms each night. It is essential to look around your room and ensure that clothes and essentials are not within their reach.

To avoid them from playing with your clothes, install locks on your regular cabinets. You can also have hanging cabinets where you can put your clothes. If your pet really likes to roam around and be playful, you can create a specific space in your room with a pet fence. By doing so, you can sleep peacefully with your pet and not worry about the damage they may cause overnight.

To find out more about pet-proofing your home, get in touch with local handymen today.

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