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How to display art in your home

1st Dec '22 • By

Art plays an integral role in the home interiors of many families. If you're fond of collecting artwork, it helps to know the best ways to display them in your home to ignite your living space and fill it with the grace of creativity.

Art isn’t just limited to paintings. It also includes sculptures, installations, and other contemporary forms of art. Buying art is a worthwhile investment, but you can make the absolute best out of your purchase if you know various creative ways to display it to add aesthetic value to your living space.

Art can set the mood of your home, depending on its placement. That is why it is essential to know how to position pieces of art in each room.

Hanging and displaying art can be challenging at times, but a handyman can help make the process much easier according to your preferences. You can get multiple handyman quotes to find the best tradies in your area. It is wise to hire a handyman because they are knowledgeable about the installation and many more jobs that you need to display art in your home. A handyman costs approximately $35 to $60 for a simple range of services. 

white wall with artwork and decor

5 Inspiring Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Art is displayed to add aesthetic value to your living space and communicate a feeling the artist is trying to convey through their work. Here are some of the ways to display pieces of art in your home.

Article Summary

  1. Arrange large art pieces by themselves
  2. Create a gallery
  3. Put frames on ledges
  4. Create a vertical display
  5. Maximise the stair walls

traditional painting on beige wall

​​​1. Arrange Large Art Pieces by Themselves

Large pieces of art, whether paintings or installations, are best-displayed solo. They draw attention and create a statement when displayed alone. When not surrounded by a bunch of other pieces, they will stand out and set a unique mood as a centrepiece.

You can place a large painting on the centre wall of your living room. If it is installation art, you can put it anywhere in front of a plain wall or hang it so you can highlight its features. Large empty spaces are the best fit for large art pieces.

eclectic wall of colourful artwork and large plant

2. Create a Gallery with Assorted Frames

Another creative and inspiring way to display art is by making a gallery with different frames on your wall. You can create a prominent feature by combining various mediums, such as paintings and photographs, which will be a talking point for your guests. 

A gallery layout is a way to draw equal appreciation for each art piece. The variety of frames adds style to your gallery. Frames also help make art pieces stand out. 

desk in light themed room with artwork

3. Put Frames on Pop-Out Ledges

You can place paintings and pictures on pop-out ledges on your wall. You can also arrange small sculptures and other mementos that you want to display. The pop-out ledges of a plain wall serve as a platform for the art pieces you always want to see and appreciate. 

photo wall in neutral themed loungeroom

4. Create a Vertical Display

You can display small picture frames and paintings vertically on a wall. This creates an impressive ladder of aesthetic elements that offers a minimalist but elegant display of art. If you want your home to look artistic without taking large and scattered spaces to display the pieces of artwork that you have, you can just hang them vertically on an empty wall. You can use different frames for each art piece to make it look like aesthetic fragments that come together to create an artistic statement in your home.

blue wall with white staircase and artwork and desk beneath

5. Maximise the Stair Walls

The walls behind your stairs can be a large canvas that you can walk through. The stepped effect of displaying art creates a unique style of exhibiting pieces in frames, which draws more attention. It is also a way to maximise the space in the walls behind your stairs. The pieces of art will make it look lively and more welcoming.

If you need help and advice to display your artwork, get in touch with local handymen today.

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