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Handyman hacks: how to do the little jobs like a pro

9th Oct '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

These awesome beginner handyman hacks will have you feeling like a pro and fixing things around your home the genius way.

handyman hacks

1. Drill dust hack

Bend a post-it note to catch the dust from drilling. There’s no mess at all with this hack.

2. No-ouch hammer hack


handy hack 2.jpg

Use a clothespin to hold a nail while you use a hammer. This helps you avoid injuring your thumb or finger while getting a straight nail trajectory. 

Don’t have a clothespin? No worries. You can also use a comb.

3. Stripped screw hack


When you’re dealing with a stripped screw, use a rubber band to unscrew the stripped screws. This provides more friction. 

4. Tape hack


Use a bread loaf tab to stop the infuriating task of re-gaining your spot on a roll of tape.

5. Headlight hack


When your headlights start to build up grime and appear hazy, use toothpaste to clear them up and make them look clear and new. 

6. Running toilet hack


If you have a toilet that won’t stop running, reach behind it and turn the water off with the toilet water knob. This will stop the annoying sound and money waste of a constantly running toilet. The real likely reason this occurs is a flush valve problem, so contact your local plumber to fix it for good.

7. Nail hole hack


Use white soap to fill in nail holes quickly and easily. Your house will smell fresh too.

8. Fix a bigger hole in the wall hack 


Fill with expanding foam and wait 24 hours to dry then cut back excess with a retractable knife. Use Selleys SpakFilla and applicator provided with the filler to the hole and smooth back as much as you can. Wait for it to dry for at least 12 hours, sand back flat using a sanding block and then you’re all set to paint. 

9. Dry paintbrush hack 


We all know the struggle of having thick paint stuck on your paint brushes. Disperse this paint easily by boiling the paint brushes in vinegar in a pot. 

Have a bigger handyman job and think it may be best to leave it to the professionals? 

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