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Budget renovation ideas for each room of your house

1st Dec '22 • By

Doing necessary repairs and upgrades will help you improve not just the value of your home, but most importantly, the quality of your life. Safety, comfort, and convenience are the primary motivations for doing home renovations. They will serve your best interests as well as the welfare of your loved ones who you share your home with.

Renovations can be extensive or a simple step-by-step process. One thing for certain is that the priority is for them to be completed on time and within your budget. That is why it’s essential to put aside enough funds or think of ways to simplify home renovation and cuts waste and costs. 

The best way to go about budget-friendly renovation is to list your priorities or the parts of your home that need immediate repair or replacement. You can also save money by paying for one person who can do various jobs, like a handyman or a carpenter. 

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A handyman can help you with budget-friendly and straightforward home renovations. You can get multiple handyman quotes to find the best handyman services in your area. To be prepared for the financial aspect of your home renovation, a handyman costs roughly $35 to $60 an hour, depending on the job. 

A home renovation does not need to be overly expensive and fancy. You can complete an efficient home renovation even with a limited budget. Here are some of the home renovation ideas you can consider.

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1. Simple Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of any house. If you have only a small budget to get your kitchen done, you can repaint your cabinets and replace your countertops. Your countertops have to bear the wear and tear of your daily kitchen errands. Therefore, it can be beneficial to renovate them with your cabinets to ensure functionality and durability without completely replacing your cabinetry, because it still serves its purpose. 

Fixing countertops and cabinets helps enhance your kitchen’s appearance and makes food preparation more safe and efficient. 

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2. Living Room Renovation

You can update your flooring in the living room, especially if your tiles and grout are starting to crack. If you have wood or other types of flooring, you can also upgrade these. Your living room is the part of your house that is most exposed to guests and has significant foot traffic. Maintaining a pleasant and clean living room is imperative so people can gather comfortably.

Another living room upgrade is to install quality blinds. They can help you adjust how much light is entering the space, perfect for dimming the room when watching movies during the day and also prevent the fast heating of your living room in summer. 

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3. Bedroom Renovation

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary at home, and it should have everything you need. You can renovate your bedroom into a highly functional space by adding elements that will serve you during your daily routine. One option is a mirror cabinet, which will give you extra storage space and reduce the need to use the bathroom mirror to get ready each day.

You can also turn your bedroom into a multifunctional area by having your office desk in your room, which saves you the time and energy of transferring from one room to another. It also allows you to turn your office room into something your family needs, such as a yoga or leisure room, or another bedroom. By giving another purpose to your old office room, you can expand the spaces of your home for your family to do more.

If you need further assistance with essential home upgrades around the house, get in touch with a local handyman today.

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