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How hiring a handyman can save you a bundle

23rd Jun '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Odd jobs around the home do not always require the skills of a professional contractor and can easily be done by a handyman. Here’s how hiring a handyman to complete your maintenance jobs around the home can save you a bundle.

Handymen Save You a Bundle

How hiring a handyman can save you a bundle?

  • Services Provided

Instead of hiring a painter, carpenter, gardener and a bricklayer - a handyman can offer all of these services in one. Apart from specialised services like major electrical and plumbing work, a handyman can tackle most tasks presented to them. They are better suited for handling a variety of building and repair work and are a safer bet than attempting home improvement tasks yourself. From fence repair issues to home exterior repairs; you can count on these handymen to do it all.  

  • Cost Efficient

This goes without saying that handymen offer a more affordable rate than other specialised service providers. If you hire a professional contractor for small household tasks, you’re more than likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Handymen are the go-to service providers for fixing minor jobs around the house. Normally, handymen charge by the hour, therefore you’ll be required to pay an hourly wage for a variety of tasks. Additionally, they bring their own tools required for the job, which can save you a bundle. If done on your own, it would only result in an additional cost.

  • Saves Time

We all know how hard it can be to take time out for household maintenance tasks. Save yourself the trouble by hiring a handyman to take care of the work for you. As well, if you don’t have the required skills to conduct the maintenance job yourself, you can risk damaging the project. Since handymen have the required skills to undertake the job, it can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted if attempted on your own.

  • Good Quality

Handymen are able to give you good quality work for repair and maintenance tasks. However, we always recommend researching your handyman’ past work and  reviews to assure their quality.  Before you hire a hanydman here is another handy list to keep in mind.

1. Interview them

Much like recruiting for a bigger renovation project, you can interview a couple of separate handymen. Check out their online profiles to read their comments, and browse pictures of their latest work. Be sure to read feedback from other homeowners about their own experiences. Search for signs of good customer service and a job well done. If you feel confident on the move, ask them for a quote. Compare the prices from a few different pros to ensure that you don’t overpay or underpay for a low-quality work. 

2. Check for permits and licences 

While a small odd job does not need licencing or approval, be sure to double-check. Any electrical work, however small it may be should be performed by a licensed professional. Any construction of small decks or patios, require a permit too. Always ensure to have the job done lawfully with work permits.

3. Do not pay upfront 

A handyman doesn’t usually ask for a down payment before the work begins. Be sure of anyone asking for substantial payments in advance of work. When the project calls for costly supplies, ask to pay the manufacturer directly.

4. Don’t be cheap 

When you are looking for the right handyperson, fight your frugal tendencies as much as you can. The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, generally they usually aren’t. In the end it is your home. Make it the best possible home to live in. 

5. Get quotes in writing 

Once you’ve hired a professional, be sure to discuss all aspects of your job and get it all in writing. Agree upon a payment plan and never pay upfront in full. Having a plan ensures that at the end of the job you will not be  charged extra. Contracts protect the handyman as well as the homeowner in the event that anything goes wrong. 

6. Check for the right equipment

A  handyman will most of the time have the right tools for the job but double checking is always important. Before the first visit, it is worth double-checking this, because there are times when handymen have turned up to work empty-handed. When a handyman doesn’t have a part or the right item, they’ll let you know they will need to buy it and then come back to finish the job. Be aware of these tricks 

7. Reference check 

Speak to your mates on Facebook to use the suggested professionals. Meet them up online, and check their referrals on websites and emails. Employees and operators of local independent hardware stores are excellent resources as well.  Hire a handyman today at a convenient rate and get those odd jobs fixed!

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