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10 great backyard ideas to make your yard stand out

11th Apr '17 • By Emily Ayers

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best ideas to make your garden to stand out.

Garden Backyard Ideas
1. Build a Wood Crate Sofa

Give your backyard a rustic look and create your very own wood crate sofa. Affordable and relatively easy to make, these sofas make a creative corner for you to relax or entertain guests.

Wood Crate Sofa

2. Crate Flower Pots

Keeping in line with the crate-like furniture theme, another great feature to add to your backyard is a crate stand for your flowers. Flower crates add simplicity to your garden and are a great way to use vertical space. 

Crate Flower Pots

3. Hammock

A hammock is an effortless addition that will add a feeling of comfort to your backyard. Grab a book or a refreshing drink and we’re sure you’ll spend more time in the garden with your new hammock.


4. Fairy Lights

This one is our favorite. Nothing beats well placed fairy lights. We recommend that you try decorating trees wrapping lights around trees or hanging them above an outdoor setting. There is no better way to make your yard stand out than by beautiful sparkling lights.

Fairy Lights

5. Wooden Pathway

Adhering to wooden aesthetics, you can also try experimenting with a wooden pathway that stretches through your backyard. You can also place seating furniture at the end of the path to add function.

Wooden Pathway

6. Water Fountain

This is perhaps the easiest way to make your backyard look spectacular. The best part is there are so many water fountain styles you can choose from to suit your needs. 

Water Fountain

7. Outdoor Cinema

You are sure to attract visitors with this one. Imagine setting up a projector and screening your favourite movie or a sports match in your backyard! Set up some bean bags or bring your crate sofa over to enjoy the show. 

Outdoor Cinema

8. Fire Pit

With winter drawing near, what better way to enjoy your backyard than spending cold nights with friends by the fire.

Fire Pit

9. Camp Area

Camping in the backyard can be very adventurous for some. When was the last time you spent the night in your yard stargazing or sharing stories? 

Outdoor Camping

10. BBQ Area

A custom-built BBQ area is a must have if you enjoy social get togethers or just like a good barbecue. An outdoor dining area will surely make your backyard a favourite hangout for gatherings!

Outdoor BBQ

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