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How much does it cost to hire a handyman? | 2024 cost guide

9th Feb '24 • By Rohit Mankame

Do you want to take care of those odd jobs that you've been putting off for a while? If so, you should consider hiring a handyman! By definition, handymen take care of small jobs that don’t require a professional contractor.

Instead of employing a painter, carpenter, gardener, and bricklayer for small jobs, a handyman can complete many of these services in one. A handyman, in addition to specialised services such as major electrical and plumbing work, can cover most of your renovation or building tasks at home. It is a safer bet to hire a handyman to conduct repair work and home improvement tasks, instead of doing them yourself.

The cost of hiring a handyman differs depending on their qualifications and areas. If you're wondering how much you'll pay a handyman in 2024, our guide below will help.

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  • Handyman costs
  • What jobs can a handyman do?
  • What jobs can't a handyman do?
  • Price for common handyman jobs
  • Call-out fees
  • Handyman cost based on location


Handyman Costs

In most cases, you should spend between $40- $80 per hour for basic handyman services. 

A professional Australian handyman charges an average of $60 per hour for typical housework. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the actual prices may vary depending on the type of work to be done. You can get a handyman service at a budget rate of $40 per hour if the task requires minimal effort. But if the job requires a higher skill, expect to pay a premium rate of $80 per hour.

What jobs can a handyman do?

Handymen usually do jobs that don't require any specific licences or qualifications. 

These can include but are not restricted to:

  • Small carpentry jobs
  • Small painting jobs
  • Small plastering jobs
  • Gardening
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Tile repair
  • Rubbish removal 
  • Flat-pack furniture assembly
  • Hanging of picture frames 
  • Setting up electronics (e.g. TVs)


What jobs can't a handyman do?

While a handyman is flexible and able to perform a variety of jobs, a properly licenced tradie needs to perform many home improvement tasks legally. So, in case your handyman does not have the proper licences in place, it is better for you to find a professional and licenced tradie.

The most common jobs handymen will not have licences for, include:

  • Building 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical 
  • Gasfitting 

Prices for Common Handyman Jobs

The cost to hire a handyman depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. As the job becomes bigger and more time-consuming, you will obviously have to pay more. Every handyman has their own pricing method. 

  1. Small jobs that last between two to three hours will be simple. These jobs should be charged by the hour. 
  2. Larger jobs that span for several days or weeks should be charged by the project. Make sure you agree on a price before the work starts.

Cost of common handyman jobs are:

  • Door repair: $300
  • Bed assembly: $100
  • Dryer installation: $150
  • Wall mounting a TV: $ 220
  • Hanging a painting: $50

All prices are approximations and can vary on the complexity of the task.

Handymen work on flat rates or hourly charges. The pricing scheme you pick should fall in line with the project’s complexity level. For example, if you want to install a new door you can go for a handyman who charges per hour. On the other hand, if you want to repair a patch in your plasterboard that has been damaged by flooding you should hire a handyman with flat rates. 


Call-Out Fees

In addition to standard labour rates for handymen, it is likely that your handyman will charge a call-out fee to cover the cost and time of travelling to your home and vehicle expenses such as fuel. The call-out fee usually varies between 1–1.5 hours of their labour cost, approximately $40–$60. Ever so often, their travel time can be less than one hour, the call-out fee is often used to cover the time to come and check the job. Often the solution to a problem can be solved within minutes, so the call-out fee ensures that the handyman gets a minimum pay to come to your house.  

Handyman Cost Based On Location

Victorian residents may pay the lowest price for home improvement work across Australia. In Victoria, handymen charge on average $50 per hour. This is only marginally lower than South Australia’s $53 per hour.

By contrast, the most expensive handyman services can be found at $60 per hour in New South Wales. Meanwhile, in Western Australia, a standard handyman’s work costs about $57 per hour.

However, in the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland, prices fall in the middle of the spectrum. Homeowners can be expected to pay $54 per hour for a handyman service in ACT, meanwhile, customers in Queensland will have to pay about $55 per hour.

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Cost Guides

All the costs quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are to be used as an AUD cost guide and may vary locally, and are subject to market changes.

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