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The 8 top spring home trends of 2024

9th Feb '24 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Spruce up your home this spring with the top spring home trends of 2024.

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Article Summary

  1. Gold is the new silver
  2. Calming pastels
  3. Tropical greenery
  4. Hanging fringe wall decor 
  5. Moroccan decor
  6. Natural wall art
  7. Mismatched furniture
  8. Patterned ceramic dishware 

1. Gold is the New Silver 

From kitchen light fixtures to showerheads and door handles, gold home hardwares are a dominant spring trend this year. Gold home hardwares really bring out sophistication and replace the traditional silver home hardwares we’ve seen in the past. These hardwares will add more elegance to your home and a sense of warmth and luxury. 

2. Calming Pastels

If you’re looking to add more calming mindful colours to your space, consider pretty pastels. Sage green is a huge trend this year and even thought to be ‘the new neutral’ due to how easy it is on the eyes and its ability to make a space appear more peaceful and simplistic. There are many advantages to choosing neutral paint colours.

Combine gold home hardwares with pastel paints to achieve the perfect combination of bohemian chic and upscale classic style. These two decor styles combine to really make a space stand out. 

3. Tropical Greenery

Big palm leaves and tropical greenery are trending this year as they give off a relaxed minimalist decor aspect that looks beautiful in any living room area. On top of making a room more beautiful, many of these plants also purify the air in your home. To really nail this trend, put your greenery in a rustic wicker basket. 

To find your perfect plant, take a browse through your local markets, hardware store, or nursery.

4. Hanging Fringe Wall Decor 

Fringe wall decor gives off a carefree vibe within a home space. It’s no wonder these intricate pieces are a favourite this spring. You can confidently have multiple of these in one space and it will only add to the overall decor. If you are a DIY'er, you can attempt a DIY wall hanging for beginners. However, make sure you read our top tips to guarantee a successful DIY project before beginning this project.

5. Moroccan Decor

This spring, if it’s Moroccan, it’s a must-have. Moroccan home decor pieces are becoming more and more popular due to their indie elegance. Whether your decor is more upscale or rustic inspired, Morroccan staples complement any interior home design styles. This versatility makes them a top pick this spring.

6. Natural Wall Art

This trend makes your wall art come alive with tropical minimalist vibes that complement the living greenery in your home. Framed plants make a space appear more peaceful. Nature inspired home decor that brings the outdoors inside always results in a calming home atmosphere, the same way being in nature does. With mindfulness on the rise and many homeowners even opting for a home meditation space, it's no wonder this home decor trend is on the rise.

7. Mismatched Furniture

Gone are the days of boring matching furniture and stressing out if you accidentally damage one piece of a 7-piece furniture set. Mismatched furniture is a trendy way to make a room more interesting and tie in the colour theme of the room. Stick to pastels and neutrals to avoid making the space appear too busy. 

Another great spring trend we’re seeing is purposefully and strategically painting your drawers to be mismatched colours. This creates an extremely unique decor piece. Turn your boring old dresser into a furniture staple piece by simply painting some drawers different colours. Complement the mismatched theme with multiple mismatched vintage mirrors to really nail this look. 

9. Patterned Ceramic Dishware 

Ceramic dishware is always a great kitchen staple, but even more so when it’s patterned. Patterned dishware adds character and intricacy to the otherwise bland dishware approach. They are also a great way to bring more life to your kitchen

Create your most ideal home interior with these spring trends. 
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