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This dog’s mini-bedroom renovation we can't get enough of

19th Jun '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

How much do you love your pet? Enough to renovate your home to give them their own mini-sized bedroom? That is exactly what this pet owner accomplished with some serious DIY skills.

dog mini bedroom

intro dog image.jpg

Michael McGowan, owner of dog-child Molly, decided it was high time his little pup have her own room. He started renovating only to create something better than he ever imagined: a mini dog bedroom of pristine human bedroom quality.

Cut a hole in the wall under the stairs to create the doggo bedroom entrance,



dog 2.jpg

Little sweet pupper Molly approves of the space,

it's very important to like your room. 


dog 3.jpg

Some plasterboard fitting to ensure a slanted wall style bedroom.

Oh so doggo chic.


dog 4.jpg

Appropriate wallpaper to make a pup feel right at home in her room. 


dog 5.jpg

The project manager has approved the process of the renovation.

She feels confident that the floor installation is up to standards.


dog 6.jpg

Custom decor is a vital aspect of a successful renovation. 


dog 7.jpg

A rug adds warmth and a cosy feel to a space.

An excellent choice for a pupper who loves snuggles.


dog 8.jpg

No dog bedroom is ever complete without pup-sized furniture to complement the

space and provide more relaxation.


dog 9.jpg

Here is the finished renovation from the human angle.  


Dog 10.jpg

Click here to reveal the full renovation story. 

Did this inspire you to create a bedroom for your loving little pup? 

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