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How to make white on white interiors work

17th Aug '20 • By Shreya Kulkarni

If you want your space to look minimal and modern and yet homely, white is the colour for you. Choosing the perfect white paint isn't easy, so below we have a quick guide to help you make your white interiors warm and welcoming.

There are so many great reasons to renovate your home; improved quality of life, increased resale value, or even just to simply update its aesthetic and vibe. There’s nothing quite like a room makeover to bring new energy to your humble abode, but thanks to the increasing popularity of renovation shows it seems quite easy on the TV. In reality, it's a bit more daunting and so is the cost.


Whether you want a modern minimal look or just look working with neutral colours, its impossible to ignore the colour white. Choosing an all-white interior can be a safe option but a few tweaks can help change the look from bland to chic and exciting. White on white interiors are great for creating a sleek and simple atmosphere. However, many individuals find it difficult to make the design work. You might find yourself halfway through creating your new interior and find that it is not quite working. Here's how you can improve your white on white interior. 

Choose the right white

There are quite a few shades of white including cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, and vanilla etc. Cool whites like blue or green can give a little cold vibe for interiors but, with the right warm or bright accessories, it makes the space look amazing. Warm whites such as yellow or melon can give your walls rich, buttery creams to subtle, fleecy whites feel. Warm and aged whites are often best for older homes with character details and trims. These are the things you should consider before hiring a painter.

A piece of artwork

One of the best parts of working with white is that you can go all out with the style of the interiors with furniture and decor. If you like artwork, original photographs, any sculptural pieces, you should consider displaying it on an all-white wall. All eyes will go straight to your art piece. Big, white walls make a great backdrop for art, and by creating a gallery wall, you’ll add more warmth and variety to your white space. You can display photos and artwork, postcards, or buy artworks and prints you love.


Warmer tones

The key to a successful white interior design is warm lighting. White can look quite stark on its own, to counteract this, use warm LED lighting. Lamps, downlights, backlighting and candles are all great ways to introduce warm lights into your design. You can also use different patterns, materials and textures to add some depth and interest to the room. Highlight your room with grey curtains and throws to add depth. Grey additions help balance the design, while keeping in line with your white on white theme. If your room is lacking personality or warmth, consider layering the whites with warm grays, baby blues, pastel greens etc. Get to know how to decorate with green. ‚Äč


Wooden Features

Again, the idea behind introducing wooden features is to add warm and some definition to the room. A wooden dining table, support beams or coffee table are all great ways to add wood into your room. Wooden furniture will also bring warmth and texture. Timber bookshelves, chairs, bench seats and coffee tables will create visual interest and add a hint of nature without detracting from your white palette. You may also like to explore wooden light fittings as a way of continuing this theme.


Metallic Touches

Metal frames around mirrors or photo frames is a great idea for white rooms. Moreover, metal helps reflect light and add shine to your space. Adding metallic or timber touches into more areas of an all-white interior such as the bathroom or kitchen is a great idea to make the space look more luxurious and sophisticated. Think hardware features in copper or brass and timber accent detailing to help add warmth and definition. 

Add textures

All white interiors can sometimes feel bland and may lack personality. One way to avoid being boring is to add textures. Introducing textured wallpaper can add an interesting variation to the room. Make sure it goes with the white paint you have selected. Faux brick wall in the kitchen or textured tiles in the bathroom will help create an urban modern look. Wainscoting is this panelled look can be created using beading or mouldings and mimics the style of heritage European homes. Add texture to your space by adding  a subtle texture feature wall. There are many style options available to help you accentuate your room. And don’t forget to add indoor plants as they have the power to make any space come alive.

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