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The ultimate guide to designing a space you’ll love

10th May '19 • By Jason Keegan

Designing a dream home and a space you will love should be exciting and enjoyable. Yet, when it comes to designing a new-build home, most people worry about investing a lot of time, money and energy, only to end up disappointed with the result.

 ultimate guide to designing a space you’ll love

If you are someone who is not very sure how successful designing your new-build home will be, don’t worry! Before you go ahead and hire an interior designer, here are some tips to guide you through the process so you can design a space you’ll love. 

Choose your style


This might seem too obvious a point and yet, people give less thought to this aspect. Many homeowners opt to go with the trend of the times, only to realise it wasn’t something they actually wanted. However, by the time they realise their mistake, they will have invested a lot of money and effort into the project. In the end, they have to compromise and settle for less than they wanted. 

There are so many styles to choose from - modern, traditional, contemporary and minimalist among others and it can be a confusing choice to make. If you aren’t sure which style to go for, it’s better to surround yourself with plenty of design inspiration. You’ll see that after some time, you will prefer one style to the others. 

You can also take inspiration from more than one style and create your own unique style. Put everything together and make this theme the cornerstone of all your design undertakings. 


Buy only what you love


Often, you’ll be carried away and purchase things on a whim. You should avoid falling into this trap. Buy nothing unless you fall in love with it. If you buy something on a whim, it is more likely to be a waste of your money.

This holds true in the case of artworks. Don’t put artwork on display just because you need something on the wall. Remember, you can’t really love your space if you don’t adorn it with things you love. Since art pieces are less likely to be changed frequently, it is important that you get only those you would adore and not something you’ll tire of soon.  


Check out second-hand shops


A good idea to make your space special and homey is to scout the local second-hand shops. You will find something that can add to the beauty and feel of your design. 

You can buy accessories and decorative pieces at a bargain price from these stores. Most likely, these items will be easy on your pocket. In addition, such markets and shops usually store some hidden treasures, which could be the ideal piece for your space. You’ll find furniture, decoration pieces and accessories for your space at a fraction of the original cost in these shops.


Size your room before purchasing furniture


A common mistake people make while designing interiors is impulsive buying. For instance, you see a cosy sofa in a shop and bring it home. However, when you try to place it in your home, you find out the hard way it is a misfit for the assigned space. 

Hence, it is very important to size up the items and space itself before you purchase something. You should also have a general idea where the items will go. Even if you’re designing for a small space, there are many tricks to make spaces appear bigger. Faking a larger space is a highly effective option for many people.

It is essential that you have a broad idea of the size of the space and things that will go in there. Buying a pre-made wardrobe or a cot that can’t pass through the doorway is a waste of your money and time. You’ll unnecessarily bring a lot of stress on yourself if you don’t have a general idea of how things are to be placed in your own space. 


Take your time


Most people are impatient to get going and to get the work done. However, it is better to be patient and not rush into designing. If you can’t find a particular item you are looking for, don’t get disheartened and drop the idea altogether. You will eventually be able to find something close to what you want. In most cases, detailed scouting of the shops and markets in your area will help you find what you are looking for. 

The key is to keep calm and keep on trying. Eventually, you will find what you need to add to the charm of your space. You can also give your family and friends the heads up and they could keep an eye for the item you are looking for. That way, someone is bound to find it!


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