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7 luxury pools to swoon over

17th Sep '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Living in Australia’s heat calls for two things: excellent air con and a pool. We have some beautiful luxury pools to swoon over and inspire you to make your next backyard reno an absolute ripper.

7 luxury pools to swoon over

1. The infinity

If you’re lucky enough to have a good view, consider the installation of an infinity pool to increase the value of your home by giving it a very luxurious feature. Infinity pools naturally make you feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard. However, it is wise to remember all Aussies must abide by pool fencing laws which may affect the installation of your dream pool. These laws are state-dependent and must be researched ahead of time. 

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2. The villa backyard 


The villa backyard is perfect for outdoor entertaining or simply relaxing. They provide a calming and peaceful backyard atmosphere - your own little private oasis. 

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3. The mermaid lagoon 


Using natural elements like rocks and waterfalls in your pool design creates the perfect swimming lagoon. You will feel like a proper mermaid swimming in this pool design. 

To keep with the natural theme of the lagoon design, read our informative blog on choosing the healthiest pool water alternatives.

4. The indoor entrance


This pool design will be sure to stun your guests. Perfect for the person who loves to host upscale parties, the indoor pool allows you to swim inside and outside your home. 

5. The city view 


The city view.jpg

If you have a stunning view of a city, consider building a pool to look over the view. You will be able to hear the murmur of the city without being in the midst of it. This is perfect for the city lover who yearns for a relaxing retreat on their property.

6. The modern


The modern pool is perfect for the modern homeowner. If you love sleek design and minimalist home decor, the smart modern pool is a no-brainer. These pools are simple and elegant. Because of the lack of clutter and clean appearance, modern pools are natural de-stressers and create mindfulness within a space.

7. The transparent


The clear pool tank is not only beautiful, but it’s also great for the parent who likes to keep an eye on their kids while they’re swimming. You can see your little fish in you luxury pool while also creating dramatic backyard luxury.  

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