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Our 10 best interior paint colours

20th Jul '19 • By Emily Ayers

Looking for a new paint colour that you won't get sick of? Well, we have compiled a list of our 10 favourite colours for your next renovation project. Below are our 10 best interior paint colours.

#1 Barnstable Blue

To start the list is Barnstable blue by Ralph Lauren. Barnstable blue is a fresh, aqua blue paint that is great for spring. It has a visual punch that is striking and quite different to other shades of blue. The best part about this colour is its versatility. It works well on dressers, chairs and walls.

Barnstable Blue.jpg

#2 Pale Powder

This colour is perfect for creating soft touches to a room. If you’re looking for subtle wall colour, the pale powder is definitely for you. It is a very soft aqua colour that borders on becoming a delicate grey in the right setting and sunlight. It is a great colour for areas that need brightening up and feels light, like attics and darker corners or walls in the home.

Pale Powder.jpg

#3 Freedom Found

Freedom found is the perfect contemporary grey colour for your room. It provides a sophisticated touch to any wall or decor. It is quite a dark deep orchid colour with a violet undertone that is particularly striking. If you are looking for a colour to create an accent wall then this is a great choice. Dulux suggests adding contrast to the wall by placing colourful eye catching artwork.


#4 Old Navy

If you're looking for a statement room, old navy is the colour for you. It is a Benjamin Moore paint colour that is perfect for walls, trims and ceilings. It will give your space a unique rich impression with this beautiful navy paint variety. It is felt by many home designers that the navy has become the new neutral of 2019. Its greatest asset is that it really does go with everything. Matched with other colours it can present a look that is sophisticated, timeless and will become a trend that has longevity.

old navy.jpg

#5 Round Hill

Round Hill works best in combination with wooden tones. It is a Ralph Lauren paint colour that is a dark shade that really makes a statement or impact. If you're looking to create a rustic space, this is the right colour for you!

round hill.jpg

#6 Bonfire

After something a bit bolder? Bonfire red is a great colour for bringing warmth to your space. It is part of the Benjamin Moore Collection that also brings life to a room; it is a saturated colour that goes great with other classic colours.


#7 Brinjal

We love this royal purple. Similar to old navy, brinjal is great for bringing drama to a room. It is a sophisticated aubergine, that is deep in colour and if used in high gloss, the look is breath taking. This colour is certainly not for the faint-hearted!


#8 Soft Salmon

The best feature of soft salmon is that it works all year round. The perfect colour if you're after versatility. PPG paints describe it as “a mid-tone, bright, salmon-pink orange with a brick undertone”. It is a great exterior paint choice where it will make your home a visual standout on the street.

Soft Salmon.jpg

#9 Swiss Coffee

The perfect shade between grey and white. It is an off white that is very versatile and very subtle. Swiss coffee provides a warm tone to any room and is very effective for monochromatic spaces. It is a great for creating quiet and serene surroundings, where we can escape the “rat race” Conversely, it can be used as an accent in areas where the look is bright and colourful.

swiss coffee.jpg

#10 Ebony

Resene’s ebony is a portion of dark charcoal. Pair ebony paint schemes with metal features and grey couches. When you design with a dark colour, make sure your room has sufficient lighting to ensure your space does not appear gloomy. It is a great colour for a feature wall that has proximity to window sunlight.


Our 10 colours chosen above will bring life and create specific moods to any area. They represent a great variety of the colour wheel and therefore suitable to a wide range of home décor styles and tastes.

If you wish to incorporate any of these colours, ensure you grab a sample in-store and match it to your furnishings and other walls to ensure you get an accurate picture. Remember the images you see online, don’t necessarily reflect the actual colour 100% in real life. This has been the bane of many homeowners or designers who purchase their paint online and then realise it is not quite what they expected.

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