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9 garden ideas you can apply to your garden for this christmas

22nd Dec '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

There are various garden design ideas that you can explore to make your garden look at its best for this wonderful time of the year. You can turn your backyard into a fun space where you and your family can gather for a perfect Christmas celebration.

You want to make your outdoor space fun during Christmas. Decorating your home is one of the best parts of this holiday season, where your family can spend time together. Decorating outdoors is as important as decorating the indoors. There are various garden design ideas that you can explore to make your garden look at its best this time of the year. You can turn your backyard into a fun space where you and your family can gather for a perfect Christmas celebration.

The highlight of the Christmas season is every corner of your home looks festive, and your backyard is no exception! There are different Christmas garden decorations and backyard garden design ideas that you can use to decorate your house. You can choose among Christmas garden decorations, such as ribbons, Christmas balls, lanterns, and different lights to add sparkle to your outdoor space during the Christmas festivity. 

But before anything else, it is very important to have your garden or backyard prepared for the decoration. Get local gardening services days before you start decorating your outdoor space. Here are some backyard garden ideas you can consider when preparing your home for the festive season.

  1. Light up your trees and plants

One of the backyard garden ideas you can use is making the most out of the trees in your backyard or garden. Instead of buying a new Christmas tree, use the natural trees outdoors and light them up. Do a major makeover to your trees and level up their appearance by adding sparks of light. Before putting the lights on, ensure that the trees are trimmed, and all dried leaves and branches are removed. You can get free gardening quotes to know the price you need to pay to trim your trees and your garden as a whole. The trees in your backyard will be the centre of attraction during the outdoor gathering for the Christmas festivity.

If there are few to no trees in your backyard, do not worry because you can put the lights in the bushes or plants that are at least as high or higher than your knees. In this way, the lights will be safe and still visible even though there are no tall trees to hang the lights. Plants and trees are naturally beautiful and decorative, and the lights will ignite their beauty for the night of joy and festivity during Christmas.

  1. Buy Christmas themed flower pots

Create a wonderland in your garden and put flower pots and containers with colourful pebbles and garland. This Christmas garden decoration will turn your outdoor space into a Christmas wonderland with a touch of nature’s beauty. You can look for Christmas-themed containers and arrange your plants accordingly. Getting a professional gardener will be a big help in setting up the flowers for your wonderland. How much does the gardening service cost? It mostly depends on the area that needs to be fixed by the gardener and the complexity of gardening work that your backyard needs. You can use evergreen sprigs, colourful twigs, and dried perennials to achieve the Christmas wonderland vibe for your outdoor space.

  1. DIY decorations

This jolly season is high time to be creative and express yourself through Do-It-Yourself decorations. There are various DIY pedestal ideas that you can adopt. Primarily, if you have an old and unused birdbath, you can transform it into a Christmas festive focal point. You can use evergreen bows and red and green ornaments. The decorations you will use for your pedestal will make your old birdbath come to life again and embody the festive spirit of the Christmas season. You can also put lights on your pedestal to enhance its beauty and get more attention.

  1. Hang colourful wreaths

Wreaths never go out of season during Christmas. You can hang wreaths or garlands on your backyard walls and even on thin and tall trees in your backyard. You can hang green wreaths to give the natural vibe and put red ribbons to turn it into a jolly holiday vibe. There are various wreath ideas to choose from, such as eucalyptus, magnolia, cranberry wreath, and other different kinds of plants for decoration.

  1. Make your patio look beautiful

You can add Christmas decorations and lights to your patio. Your patio should get a full holiday decoration treatment, which requires cleaning and repairing your patio. That would be a lot of preparation work before decorating, but perry no more because you can easily get a local gardening service to fix your patio and make it completely ready for the Christmas celebration. Your patio can be a decorated shed with lights, ribbons, and other stuff that can enhance its spacious beauty and improve the looks of your backyard during a very special celebration.

  1. Decorate your fences

Garden walls and fences are important, and you have to ensure that you also grace them with Christmas decorations. You can put garland and ribbons on your fences to complement the whole holiday decoration of your outdoor space. In this way, you can be sure that you are not missing out on the details of your Christmas backyard design. Fixing the fences will also allow a more presentable backyard and comforting area where your loved ones can gather and celebrate Christmas.

  1. Brighten up your pathways

You can put starlight stakes in the pathways of your backyard, and it will look like a magical way towards an exciting holiday outdoor space. The pathways of your backyard might have small grasses and unwanted dried leaves. You can have it cleaned out by hiring a gardening service that includes cleaning your outdoor space and getting rid of unwanted rubbish and mess. Putting lights on the pathways of your backyard will light up your way to the Christmas celebration you will never forget. Especially in an evening celebration on Christmas eve. These lightened pathways are perfect for evening setups, such as dinner parties and gatherings.

  1. Wrap your posts and columns

The columns and posts in your outdoors are as important as the trees, walls, and fences, and you should not exempt them from the decoration. You can wrap up your columns and posts with garlands and ribbons. You can also wrap them with Christmas lights that will make them complement your Christmas wonderland outdoor space.

  1. Set up your Christmas table

Last but not the least, set up a nice Christmas table in your backyard where you can dine with your guests. You can use Christmas-themed placemats, table cloth, and even put a centrepiece with decorations that will complete your outdoor Christmas celebration. You can put any green and red decorations and flowers on your table to lighten up the mood and create a festive space to reconnect with your loved ones while enjoying the food and gifts.


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