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Interesting backyard ideas for a small budget

6th Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

Are you hunting for cheap backyard ideas that can change the look and feel of your home? Are you sick and tired of conventional home décor ideas? If yes, here are few intuitive ideas on how to improve your backyard with a small budget.


#1 Use an Espaliered Tree
First of all, you can start with a beautiful wall that is decorated using an espaliered tree. This tree will give your backyard a high end look. Also, the tree is not expensive and is readily available at local gardening shops. These plants are also make great privacy screens.


#2 Furniture
When it comes to backyards, furniture investment can be an expensive one. Luckily, there are several options you can opt for. This includes DIY chairs, benches and tables. In fact, there are several low cost blocks that can be made using concrete and covered using foam pads.


#3 Lanterns and Lights
Moving on, you can use drape overhead areas with lanterns and lights. Outdoor lights have turned into everyone’s favorite backyard décor. They are fun and sparkly to look at. Overhead spaces can be filled with bright shapes and colors. Another interesting backyard option would be to drape tables with twinkling centerpieces.


#4 Handmade Finds and Vintage Finds
You can give the backyard a soft edge using handmade finds and vintage finds. Sweeping fabric materials and shades can add elegance into your backyard. Replace your expensive lights with decorative focal points and repurpose vintage elements. Some people use non-working chandeliers with trailing vines and candles.


Are you looking for garden that can be pulled together by yourself? There are several decorative landscape projects that can enhance your home significantly. For instance, you can design your own stepping stones and tabletop fountains. These are pretty stepping stones that can give your garden a country- or cottage- theme.


#5 Collections
A lot of people shun away from collections believing it would be expensive and high-end. However, things are quite different in reality. You can create a collection using simple, miniature plants. These plants will be a great focal in your lawn. Ideal plants for a collection would be cactus and succulents. Meanwhile, you should add plants with fun pop shades in the garden. Also, you should choose the right kind of pots, off the shelf materials and containers for the garden.

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