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What your plants leaves are telling you

27th Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

Plants communicate in an intuitive manner, small colour changes and growth patterns show signs of your plants health. Here are a few things you should watch out for to ensure your plant is healthy.


Yellow Leaves
Great gardeners are known for their observing skills. If your plant has yellow edges, it means the plant is being overwatered. Watering your plant excessively can cause the plant to perish. If your plant leaves start to yellow cut down the amount you water your plants.  

yellow plants.jpg

Brown Leaves
Are the plant’s leaves brown and crunchy? If yes, the plant is extremely thirsty. Greenness proves the lively nature of your plants. If you want to give your plant a leash of new life, water them properly. Never let the leaves fall down and become dry.

brown plants.jpg

Is your plant growing very slowly? Do you feel like the plants haven’t reached complete height or size? Well, that means your plants are quite thirsty. Under watered plants are less likely to grow quick. If your plants look very skinny and skimpy, they require more water.

Discolored Leaves
Apart from having dry leaves or yellow edges, plants can be discolored. Overwatering is a major cause behind discolored plants. A lot of houseplants die because of overwatering. Always check if the pot has adequate drainage. If the vase or pot does not have holes, you should be considerate watering infrequently.


Pale Leaves
Some plants can be unusually pale! This is a sign of hunger. Plants require occasional fertilization.

Inclined Leaves
Are the plant leaves leaning towards a specific direction? If yes, you should analyse the direction of sunlight. Plants love sunlight and are likely to incline towards heavy light. In such cases, you should change the direction of the plant or store it elsewhere.

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