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Shower screens that will leave you breathless!

13th Apr '18 • By Ellis Garwood

Traditionally shower screens were used purely as a water barrier and for privacy. It is also a rare occurrence now to come across a shower with a curtain - gone are the days of visiting your aunt’s house to be greeted by the corny whale-covered shower curtain every time you set foot in the bathroom. This is definitely for the best, considering how easily curtains can accumulate soap scum or mould. However, nowadays shower screens can be the focus point of a bathroom, they add style and flair to a bathroom. Choosing a shower screen is completely down to personal taste and the decor of your bathroom. Your options are endless so here are our top picks that are sure to leave you breathless.

Shower Screens
Metal Framed


A metal frame is great for giving your bathroom a sturdy, industrial vibe. The metal frame safely encases the glass making this design extremely durable. You have a vast amount of  frame colours and glass types to choose from which allows you to choose a combination that compliments your bathroom decor. This is also a more reasonable option if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom utilities on a budget.  If you’re looking for an aspect of privacy, you also have the option of purchasing tinted or frosted glass to install, however this will be an added cost, compared to a normal glass frame. 

Metal Framed Shower Screen



The Minimalist look can be the greatest look. This is a luxurious style that looks sleek and elegant. This will complement any bathroom decor due to the uncluttered lines that creates pure elegance.  A frameless shower screen has a great aesthetic appeal in a small bathroom as it offers a spacious clean look and makes your bathroom appear larger. The best part is the fact it is incredibly easy to clean as there is no easy place for the soap scum to accumulate. 

Frameless Shower Screen

Window Framed


This is a very classic and contrasting option for a shower screen. It's a clear bold statement to add to your bathroom. A window frame is a classic design that has been given a modern twist. These screens go great in large bathrooms. For this to best suit your bathroom you can complement your black framed screen with white furnishings. White wall tiles along with black and white floor tiles will give your bathroom a nice contrasting look as well as complementing each other. 

Window Framed Screen

Checkered Booth


 This style is just like the window frame design but it is designed for corner showers. You can have the same configuration as the window shower screen but have the panels set in a way that resembles a booth. The black framing looks great over white tiles and you can even customise the texture of the window panels in this design to match the aesthetics of the rest of your bathroom. This may be a classy design but it does require regular cleaning to prevent the soap scum building up. If you don't clean it regularly then the dirt will build over time which will result in the dirt staining the glass

Booth Window Shower Screen

Glass Wall design


This shower screen works perfectly in a small bathroom and looks great in bathrooms that have a high ceilings. It’s basically a section of your bathroom just walled-off by a pane of glass, this divides up the bathroom whilst keeping the transparency which keeps the bathroom open plan and doesn't block off any natural light. Another reason why this complements a small bathroom is because you can have the glass frame going from one point to another without stopping and starting which makes it appear cleaner, less busy and bigger. These are also very easy to clean due to there being no framing for grime to build up on.  

Glass Wall Design

Textured Screen


This simple shower screen can be customised with different textures and opacity levels. A textured shower screen is a pane of glass with a surface you can feel when you run your fingers across it. The glass is fired in a kiln to take on the desired texture or pattern. This style allows for a lot of experimentation with the design, height and overall appearance to achieve a sophisticated look. Alternatively you can use sandblasted glass which is where you use abrasives to create a frosted glass look. You can either get a whole pane of glass that is all frosted or you can choose sections of the glass to be frosted, like the mid or top section of the glass. This is a more simple look for your shower screen compared to a textured pane of glass.

Consider the factors


When updating your shower screen it is always important to have a clear idea of what you want your end product to look like and always take into consideration the size and layout of your bathroom and the amount of natural light entering your bathroom. This is because different types of shower screens with drastically affect these factors if they are not chosen correctly, so keep this in mind when completing your bathroom renovation.

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