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5 reasons you should choose to build a custom home

28th Jun '17 • By Homes By CMA

Opting for open plan or insistent on an island kitchen? There are numerous benefits when you build a custom home as an alternative to a turnkey model. We have compiled five compelling reasons to let your imagination run wild and build a custom home.

Custom Built Homes
Choose a floor plan that fits your lifestyle perfectly

While we feel our 30 single storey and 15 double storey turnkey homes provide great value and cater well to most of our customers, some homebuyers are fixed on a specific vision for their property. Whether you would like high ceilings, open-plan living, integrated living areas or all of the above, our custom-build service allows you to design the home that will suit your lifestyle perfectly. 

Floor Plan

You might just save money

Prospective builders might consider custom builds as the more expensive option - but this isn’t necessarily the case. By foregoing certain features of a pre-designed home, or by limiting the number of bedrooms and general floor space, smart home designers can keep the overall cost down with a streamlined plan that suits their individual needs. While all of our designs are modern and energy-efficient, a custom design can focus on maximising energy efficiency through use of solar panels or similar technology to save money in the long run.

Outlets and fittings where you want them

Do you have your heart set on the perfect location for your 60 inch flatscreen? With a custom home you have the luxury to wire and pre-wire your home to fit your existing furniture and technologies. You can also seek to maximise usable space with customised pantry and storage options that may not be present in pre-designed house models.

Outlets and Fittings

Set yourself apart from the pack

A savvy designer can create a floor-plan that is eclectic enough to set your property apart from others when it comes time to sell. Resale value is naturally going to be a consideration when building a custom home - a functional and appealing design with a few clever touches may attract more interest in a saturated market than a pre-designed property.

Your home is your castle

In creating a home that fits your own needs, you can take advantage of several benefits that you might not get in a pre-designed home. You may be able to orientate your home in a manner that utilises natural features to improve privacy from the road or neighbours. A well-thought out design can also maximise morning and afternoon light in certain rooms, keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. At Homes by CMA, we will utilise our in-house drafting team to draw plans for your custom home. We will help you every step of the way from initial design through to construction.

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