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Handling home extension projects with experts

26th Apr '16 • By Emily Ayers

Extensions are considered as a great way to boost your home’s look and feel without going through the troubles of moving or building a new home. If you’re running out of space in your home, extensions can offer a neat, affordable solution.


An extension is not a light undertaking; it will need a fair amount of investment. This is why you should hire the right kind of builder for your extension project. Professionals with years of experience in the industry will be able to help you throughout the extension process.

Different Types of Extensions

According to experienced renovators, there are three different types of extensions. The wrapped extension, rear extension and side return extension. For example, the rear extension is a one that runs along the full width of the property. It covers every garden wall in your home. In fact, the rear extension moves out from the garden space too.


The side return extension exploits through awkward space. It plays a very important role in Edwardian and Victorian homes. Side return extensions are capable of extending the closet and incorporating the alleyway into the buildup area.


Finally, the wrapped home extension is built along the back of the property and along the side elevation. Wrapped extension can be both two or single story.


In most cases, people opt for rear extensions in a single storey building. If you have Edwardian or Victorian homes, the actual outlook can be very effective. When you extend the property, you will connect areas and create more space. This will increase the overall worth of your home prominently. In fact, the extension can make your property a lot more pleasant and bright. If the extension is undertaken properly, it will introduce more light into your home.


The Right Permissions

Before you kick start an extension project, make sure all permissions are obtained. There are so many councils and state officials for approving extension projects. The percentage of extension will be determined by the professionals. This means you cannot extend every nook and cranny of your home. Also, perfect calculations and sketches should be produced for approval. Things like distance from the road, size and height should be mentioned in these sketches.

It is quite interesting to see how much you can do with extension projects. However, the initiative will only be fruitful when you work with professionals, who know the art completely.

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