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How to choose the right composite decking

26th Jun '17 • By NewTech Wood

A great deck is simply a must for a true Aussie home. So how do you create the right stylish deck for your home and keep maintenance to a minimum?

Composite Decking

For a lot of Australians, the outside deck is the best room ‘in’ the house. A great deck is like the lounge, kitchen and playroom combined. We entertain on it, we cook on it, the kids ride their bikes on it and the playhouse looks great in the corner. It sure helps having an agreeable climate with lots of sunshine to welcome us into the great outdoors and it’s no surprise to find decks high on the renovation list for home owners.

Go Composite Without Compromise

Right now timber composite decking has the world at its feet (so to speak). With timber composite you get everything you could ask for in a deck, plus peace of mind knowing you’re helping the environment. Why? Because NewTech Wood composite decking is made from 95% recycled products. It looks natural, it feels natural, but its qualities of enduring style are anything but. 

Choose Low Maintenance

Choose composite decking over natural wood and say good bye to all that tiresome ongoing maintenance. NewTech Wood is weather resistant, stain resistant, slip resistant and, once finished, you’ll never have to sand, oil or paint it again. It’s even got a BAL29 bush fire rating and comes with a 25-year warranty. It’s really a no brainer – if you get the same look and feel as wood without the work, why would you choose anything else?

 Choose Hollow Or Solid

Hollow decking boards? They can’t possibly be as strong as solid boards, can they? Actually they are, at least for most residential situations. Hollow wood boards have an ingenious arch structure that distributes pressure making them just as sturdy and durable as solid boards for decks with standard joist spacing. And because they’re hollow, they’re super light and easy to install. However, for more commercial settings with wider joist spacing, solid boards might be the way to go. 

Choose Your Board Gap Spacing

It gets better. NewTech Wood’s construction system means all clips are hidden between the boards for the cleanest, most appealing finish imaginable. So all you have to do is choose how wide you want to space your boards – 1mm or 5.5mm.

Choose Your Colour Composition

If you’re a fan of hardwood deck finishes, NewTech Wood gives you three excellent options - PE, Teak and walnut – for an authentic finish with all the colours and textures of hardwood. For a more sophisticated look to complement modern home styles, stone grey, silver grey and even antique can really jazz up your deck. And hot off the new designs production line, Pilbara is a stunning new option if you like reddish jarrah tones. 

Choose Your Colour Composition

Do It Yourself With Ease

That’s up to you. We can install your composite deck for you, but with easy instructions and lightweight boards, you might find you can do the job easily with a couple of friends. NewTech Wood is perfect for decks, balconies and for a great, slip-resistant surface around the pool.

Visit A Display Centre

That’s the best way to accurately match textures and colours and see what NewTech Wood is all about. While we endeavour to accurately reflect the real thing online, computer screens vary. Visit a showroom and you’ll be able to see and feel the products to help make an easy decision.

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