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How to find the best builders for your dream home?

26th Mar '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Finding an expert home builder will ensure that you will get your dream home—and not a nightmare.

home-builderAll houses are not the same, and neither are all builders. One builder may be appropriate for your home construction project, whereas another equally professional builder may be entirely unsuitable. Finding the right builder is all about matching the builder to the job. You most likely have a beautiful vision of your dream home, and we're here to help you find the right builder to carry out this project for you. Building your dream home starts with research, and you can get started right here.

Choose the right suburb for you

Are you relocating to another city or just down the street? Do your homework before making a decision. Do your research on the surrounding area. Is it close to the amenities and facilities you need, like shopping malls, public transportation, major highways, parks, playgrounds, and schools? Developers either purchase government-released property or buy it privately. The property is then subdivided and facilities such as roads, utilities, water, and drainage are installed until the lots are sold. Don't make the mistake of assuming that all plots of land are the same. They will most likely vary in terms of height, orientation, greenery, gradient, and proximity to amenities. All of these factors may have an effect on the design of your house and the price of its construction.

Design your house

Knowing exactly what you want to build is the first step in finding the right builder for your work. Sit down and make a list of your requirements: What kind of home do you want? What number of bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you want to have some unique design elements in your home? Do you want to live in a "green" or "sustainable" home? Do you like outdoor living areas? Most importantly, what is your budget? Builders usually specialise. One builder's speciality may be in building single-story family homes. Another builder could be knowledgeable about sustainable design. Another designer may have extensive experience partnering with architects in contemporary or traditional-style homes. You should look for a few builders who specialise in the design and size of the house you want to build. If you've settled on the type of space you want, you can contact a builder who has prior experience with the type of house you're looking for.
#tip - Make a budget and stick to it. Be honest with yourself. Don't go overboard. In the coming years, you can also make improvements and extensions to your home.

Find the right builder

It is your responsibility to find the right match for your project. Request no-obligation quotes from the best local builders. To save money, don't go for the cheapest option. Before you look at the "bottom line," look at the builder's portfolio and see how many jobs they've completed that are similar to the type of home you want to construct. After you've narrowed your list down, meet with your short list of builders in person. This is an important move that should not be overlooked. You can only know if a builder is a good match for you if you can communicate effectively with them. They should be able to provide thorough answers to all of your questions. Rate various builders on different parameters important to you including quality, experience, efficiency, building layout, promptness and transparency in paperwork.

Current licenses and insurance

licensesAsk questions like do you have a current builder's licence? Or are you fully insured?
Like in all fields, it is important that the builder should be experienced in their field of work. Building a home is a difficult task and there are various aspects that have to be kept in mind. The builder should have knowledge of all of these aspects and should warn you when a certain demand of yours can potentially delay a process or run the costs of the job out of budget. The ability to plan and strategize comes with years of experience. Any construction work conducted on your home should only be undertaken by a licensed builder who has a good insurance cover. Don’t be afraid to ask to see any applicable papers!

References and client referrals

It is recommended to hire a builder based on their expertise. If you are building a granny flat, you might want to consider hiring a builder that specialises in granny flat construction. Also, if you want to refurbish or renovate your home and not build a new one, it is more practical to hire a home renovator. Experienced builders have a long list of satisfied clients. Before hiring, ask your builder about their previous projects to check for customer references to get reliable feedback. If they recommend the same builder you are looking to hire, then you might consider. Hire a builder that respects your timeline and budget requirements. Ask for assistance to help minimise your finances.

When you think you've found the best builder for your job, you can ask them to write a contract. Don't sign the contract unless you are sure it contains everything you need to know. Your contract is binding, so you need to know it is as complete as possible.

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