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Things to consider before building a treehouse

31st May '16 • By Emily Ayers

Do you need council permission to build a treehouse in your back yard?


When you are looking to build a treehouse, it is important that you understand the various legal ramifications that you can face from your local council. Generally speaking, treehouses that you construct on your property for your own residential purpose should not face any problem from the township council. However, there have been cases when people were asked to take down their treehouses and pay a fine. It all depends on how accommodating the council is and the rules that have been established by them.

Things to Keep in Mind
While approaching the authorities for the proper permission, you should bear in mind that there are certain rules you will be required to follow even if you do get permission. Your local council, for instance, can ask you to comply and adhere to strict rules they have set. This is usually for your own safety as there are basic building techniques that must be followed in order to establish a sturdy construction.


If you are unsure whether permission should be sought, it is generally better to seek permission than risk receiving a hefty fine.

Permission is not necessary when;
There are some reasons when you might be inclined towards not obtaining permission. If you build your tree house on the ground and it is small in size, it is not necessary to seek permission. However, if you construct your treehouse up in a tree you are required to get approval from your local council first.

While this might be enough to discourage you from trying for permission, you should always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are hiring a professional builder for the job, you generally don’t need to ask for permission as your builder will do this for you. However, it is best practice to double check with your builder that the proper procedure has been followed.


In most of the cases, it is a disgruntled neighbour who complains to the council about the construction of the treehouse and asks them to bring it down. Having permission saves you much hassle and concern.

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