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8 reasons why good design is good for business

28th Mar '17 • By Emily Ayers

The recipe for a good business has a lot of ingredients, but one stands out from the rest: Good design.

Good Design Good For Business

Good Design Good For Business

Think of any good business you know and you are bound to find a foundation of good design. Here are 8 reasons why good design equals great business.

1) Attracts Attention

The thing about good design is that if it’s done right, it attracts attention. If you are a small business you might want to invest in design. Not only will it bring more customers, it will also uplift your image.

Attracts Attention

2) Makes You Stand Out

If you want to stand out from your competitors, we recommend creating a competitive edge with design. Good design will give your business its own identity, thus allowing you to differentiate yourself from others.

3) Builds Trust

Trust is earned and there is no better way to earn it than providing perceived value through design. Trust is an intangible asset that has the influence to affect your bottom line.

Builds Trust

4) Builds a Memorable Brand

Memorability is a byproduct of good design. People are sure to remember the “experience” your brand delivers. For maximum effect, we recommend designing your product with your customers in mind.

5) Builds Value

The perceived value of your business has a lot to do with how well you design your business. The more effort and thought you put into it, the more your brand will command value. This value can directly influence your sale prices.

Builds Value

6) Good Design is Communicative

Your design is a vessel through which you convey what your business is all about. Most businesses focus on the economic side of business, but the constant evolution of consumer insight demands that businesses be more humane and more than just about selling products.

7) Customer Satisfaction

Your business should go beyond the product to deliver customer satisfaction. It is absolutely necessary for businesses to adopt the need for great design. It is not just about what the customer purchases, but how they purchase it as well.

Customer Satisfaction

8) The Future is Design

Think of how businesses were in the late 80’s and 90’s and you will find a pattern that shows that, over time, we have put increasing emphasis on design to thrive. Simply put, good design amalgamates every reason we have discussed above to deliver a sustainable experience for your customers in the long run.

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