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Ways to strategically market your brand online

20th Sep '17 • By Kay Jeffrey

Keep your business relevant and buzzing online by following simple guidelines to awesome online business etiquette.

Ways to market your brand

Choose professional images 


A picture is worth a thousand words - Unless it’s online and visible on an ongoing basis. Then it’s worth a lot more! Photos can be used to accurately showcase your business in a trendy and eye-catching way. If you want someone to purchase your services or product, it must first look attractive online. Have you ever noticed that technology products are clean and sleek looking with a basic white background? Have you ever noticed that successful interior design or building companies showcase their previous finished projects online? These images are put in place to inspire the consumer to purchase the product or make that call to your business. Steer clear of using ‘in progress’ project photos. You want your potential customers to view your most appealing finished product. Seeing a half-built laptop online wouldn’t make you want to purchase the product, would it? The same goes for your product. Use clear, high resolution images to create a more attractive online presence. Death to blurry photos! You want your online pages to look attractive and clear to market your business in a professional manner. Photos are a visual representation of how you conduct your business. 

Photo Taking 101.jpg

Check your spelling and grammar


Spell check is your friend! Well-written online marketing material means paying attention to spelling and grammar. Having your content looked over by a colleague before posting it online is wise to ensure that the content has passed the dreaded spelling bee test. You don’t want your potential customers mentally correcting your grammar online! Ideally, you want your potential customers to read about your business and services and think about how professional the content is. Do you want more business? Say goodbye to text etiquette and say hello to professional online business advertising etiquette!


Sleek design is crucial 


Website design should be clean, structured and strategically designed to market your specific brand. Website design is NOT a DIY project. Good design is good for business. Hiring a talented graphic designer or using an online platform that has a superstar already employed is imperative to the success of your business online. Graphic designers make the magic happen when it comes to really making your business stand out online. They are responsible for everything from logo design that aligns with your brand to making sure the public can clearly view your business in an attractive, thorough and ideal manner. It is important to streamline your design. Your signature, logo, website, app, social media platforms, and other online marketing channels should be consistent: the same colour, theme and design throughout all methods. Consistent design from your business card all the way to your website or online presence helps your customer remember your brand. So, the next time your potential customer needs another repair or installation, they'll think of your business and hire you again. This is a great way to grow your small business

Good Designer.jpg

Advertise your credibility: license and insurance 


Customers are searching online for businesses that are credible and trustworthy. The best way to make sure your customers know you are a reliable company is to ensure it is advertised that you are fully licensed and insured. Provide a valid ABN and proof of insurance to better your online presence and reputation. 

business insurance license.jpg

Release engaging content 


Engage, engage, engage! In the age of technology, more and more consumers want to be engaged online through content. The first line of any paragraph should ‘hook the reader’ when it comes to executing successful captivating online content. You want your reader to find genuine interest in what you’re trying to get across. Successful marketing involves naming the problem your business provides a solution to and then explaining clearly how your business alleviates that problem. Another excellent way to market your business is to elaborate on your company’s ‘why.’ People tend to buy why you do something. For example, if you started your company because you wanted better service for local consumers at more reasonable rates, your customers want to know that! How did you come up with the idea to start your business? What makes your company different and special? Your potential customers want to know! There are several ways you can make this year the year your marketing really contributes to your business.

Relationship Building.jpg

Build relationships online 


Remember that where there is print, there is a keyboard and where there is a keyboard, there is a real person. Behind every successful website is a tech team of professionals working to bring it to life. Whether you are advertising your business on a platform like or outsourcing a tech team to create an individual website, working together to create the most ideal finished product is essential. Building supportive relationships with online service providers will ensure your brand is successfully marketed online. This involves communication and support via online and phone channels to ensure your company gains more traffic online, looks its best and accurately portrays your unique brand and ethical way of doing business. 


Your presence online is a snapshot of your business to users in the most quick and accessible way. Therefore, it is important to present in the best possible light. Professional images are essential for advertising the products and services you provide while creating an appealing online existence. In addition, spelling, grammar, design, and content all work in support of each other to create the highest quality of exposure for your business. To achieve the most success online, working collaboratively with tech teams and professionals will ensure your company puts its best foot forward on the web. 

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