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How to design a built-in wardrobe for your house

21st Oct '22 • By

Your wardrobe is one of your most personal places in your home. It’s where you keep your clothes, shoes, and daily essentials. A built-in wardrobe is the best solution to maximise your storage space, enhancing functionality and efficiency even when there’s limited room to work with.

All you have to do is to choose a built-in closet that suits your storage needs and your style. You also don’t have to sacrifice style for quality. Browse inspiration online to get an idea of the designs you’re drawn to. This is not DIY work, so it is important to hire a professional for this job. 

If you’re unsure about the type of wardrobe you need, a carpenter can help you. You can get carpenter quotes from local professionals in your area. A carpenter can help you plan, design, estimate costing, and shop materials for your built-in wardrobe.

Article Summary

  1. Designing
  2. Estimating the cost
  3. Canvassing of materials
  4. Installing your built-in wardrobe
  5. Things to consider before installing a built-in closet

luxury built-in wardrobe with glass front and backlit bed

Preparing for Your Built-In Wardrobe

Preparation for your built-in wardrobe involves designing, estimating the cost, canvassing materials, and installation. Here is your guide to adequate preparation for your built-in closet.

1. Designing

The design is one of the most important things you need to prepare. Pinterest, Instagram, and interior design magazines can be ideal for gaining inspiration. If you’re having trouble finding a style you like, you can describe your preferences to a carpenter and determine together the most appropriate design for your needs and the space you have in your home.

2. Estimating the Cost

You must be financially ready to install a built-in closet. A carpenter will be knowledgeable of the pricing of materials and services for the project. The estimated cost is not necessarily precise, but it can help you get an idea of the total expenses of having a wardrobe installed. The estimation involves making a list of the materials required and allocating a budget for it. If there is a need to have necessary adjustments, you must also have an allowance in your budget that you can use in case the expenses exceed your estimate. It's also important to find out how much a carpenter costs.

white built-in wardrobe and rattan side table with dried flowers

3. Canvassing of Materials

If you’re not an expert as to where to buy timber and other materials for your built-in closet, you can rely on a carpenter to help you look for potential suppliers. It is crucial that you are with someone who knows how to negotiate a reasonable price to create a cost-efficient closet. Canvassing materials can give you a variety of shops and sources and allow you to decide which offers the most reasonable price and quality. Make sure to canvass materials according to your estimated costs. The cost of the materials must be aligned with your budget.

4. Installing Your Built-In Wardrobe

A carpenter uses advanced methods of building and installing built-in closets. They know the dimensions and appropriate design for every room or household where a closet will be installed. The process of making and installing a built-in closet can be very crucial, and it requires professional work and experience to complete a durable and functional wardrobe that fits your lifestyle. A professionally made built-in closet will serve its purpose for many years.

timber wardrobe with clothes and shelves

Things to Consider Before Installing a Built-In Wardrobe

Here are the important things that you need to consider when you want to have a built-in closet.

  • Consider a carpenter to assist you with designing, costing, and installing your built-in closet. A carpenter is equipped with skills, expertise, and experience in home improvements. It is a wiser choice to have your built-in closet made by a professional to avoid unnecessary maintenance along the way. 
  • Think about the lighting in the area where you want to put your built-in wardrobe. Your built-in closet will contain all the essentials that you will need when getting ready, so it’s important to have good lighting so it can be easy for you to find the things you need.
  • The design of your closet must be fit for your lifestyle and the number of things you’ll be putting in it. That is why it is essential to familiarise yourself with what you’ll be working with. This will be a good time to declutter your wardrobe and keep only the things you need to make sure they all fit in your new one.
  • Make sure to design your built-in wardrobe for visibility. It is essential that your wardrobe is easy to navigate, so you can quickly pick what to wear when you have to rush to get ready. You can use see-through wire bins and glass or clear acrylic drawers where you can easily choose your outfit without pulling out everything to see what’s inside. 

Once you have all the details organised, you can have your built-in wardrobe constructed and begin to enjoy all of its benefits.

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