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What to know before building a deck

18th Aug '16 • By Emily Ayers

Are you planning to replace your existing deck or do wish to build a new deck? Here is a quick run-down about available decking materials.


There are many different materials and maintenance obligations to consider. A beautiful deck implies careful design and planning. 

Different Decking Materials:
  • Wood - Natural wood provides a great look and remains a comfortable temperature throughout the day.   
  • Composite - Is made from wood fibres and plastics and glued together. Composite decking is a great alternative to natural wood as it requires less maintenance.
  • PVC - Plastic decks are designed to be very durable. Withstanding heavy traffic, stains and mildew.
  • Metal - Great for fire-prone areas and requires little to no maintenance.
Deck Maintenance Considerations

Natural wood decks will require staining or painting every couple of years and re-sanding every 4-5 years. For high traffic areas, opt for a formulated deck stain or sealer to prevent fading and to resist mildew.


One of the biggest drawbacks to composite decking is bending. Over time, the deck can bend and move out of shape. Further, like wood, composite materials are prone to staining and building up mildew.


The greatest benefit of PVC decks are their low maintenance. No sanding, polishing or sealing is required.  


Metal or aluminium decking is also a great, low maintenance material. However, metal decks require adequate shading as it will get very hot when exposed to the sun. Further, surface primer will need to be applied every couple of years.


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